Celine Dion made a big decision reluctantly. And it’s about his health. melty tells you everything in this article.

The fans of Celine Diwe were to find her for a European tour in 2022. But the state of health of the singer is not in good shape. She is therefore forced to cancel her tour… And this is the second time she has done so, since the first was because of the Covid. In a video she posted on her social media, she explains: “I am so sorry, saddened to be forced to postpone the shows once again (…) The first time, it was obviously because of the pandemic and this time, it is my health that obliges me to postpone the shows of the European tour and unfortunately to cancel some others. »

Celine Dion also wanted to reassure his fans about his state of health by declaring: “I still feel a little better. My doctors follow me. I receive treatments. But I still have muscle spasms. Recovery is taking much longer than I thought. I have to be in good shape, in good health so that I can give 100% of myself on stage because that’s what you deserve. »

Celine Dion in Paris in 2023

The star of the song also added: “You must be so disappointed, discouraged to wait. I’m doing the best I can to get back in shape as soon as possible. And please know that the many messages of support and support you send me are part of my medical treatment. Thank you so much for all this love. » Note that Celine Dion had also canceled her American tour. So to see her in France, you will have to wait until September 2023 when she will perform in Paris La Defense Arena. But the most important thing is that she gets better!


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