She announced the postponement of her European tour due to illness. But Celine Dion could well go back on stage at the end of the year. We tell you everything.

The news greatly disappointed and worried fans: Celine Dion was forced to postpone his tour. The latter was originally scheduled for 2022. Reluctantly, the singer had to make this crucial decision for health reasons. This is what she confided in a video published on her social networks in early May: “JI’m so sorry to have to postpone the shows once again […] The first time was obviously because of the pandemic. And this time, it’s my health that forces me to postpone the shows. Those of the European tour. And unfortunately to cancel some others.”

Faced with the concern of her admirers, Celine Dion also expressed some optimistic lyrics for the sequel:I have to be healthy to give 100% of myself on stage. Because that’s what you deserve. […] You must be so disappointed. And discouraged to wait. I’m doing the best I can to get back in shape as soon as possible.” Since then, fans of the Quebec singer have been waiting. The six French concerts expected in Paris should take place in September 2023. But no specific date has yet been set…

Celine Dion back in Las Vegas at the end of the year

So, in this climate of anxiety and expectation, a message from Celine Dion’s turner restored hope to all who follow her closely. “When Celine is ready and she feels she is back 100%, we will be ready. If her recovery goes well in the coming months, we hope she will be able to inaugurate her residency at Resorts World Las Vegas later this year.” To read these few sentences, Celine Dion could therefore honor her new show Celine in Las Vegas at the end of 2022. For the moment, neither the singer nor the room gave more information. But it would be a nice gift that Celine Dion would then offer to her fans for the holidays. Hoping that his health allows it…


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