Gradur: Ninho, Koba LaD, Gims … We know the list of featuring on his new album

Gradur has just unveiled the feats on its new album and as much to say that there is very heavy!

While Kalash validates his sure gow in La Fam, Gradur reveals a little more to him on his album. The rapper from Roubaix recently announced the release of his brand new project “Zone 59” three years later “Where is Gradur’s album”. Thanks to an catchy title reminiscent of the famous Zone 51 and a warrior cover, we were already impatient to be on November 29 for its release. And to give fans a little more desire to listen to their new album, the artist has just made an announcement on the networks that will not leave any French rap fan indifferent, that’s for sure !

On a photo of Gradur standing on a tank, gun in hand, we can read the incredible tracklist of “Zone 51”. And as much to say that this time he planned to do things big! 20 new songs will be heard and among them 7 will be entitled to crazy featurings: Naza, Maitre Gims, Koba LaD, Niska, Heuss L’Enfoiré, Dadju and Ninho. “Finally the Tracklist of my New Album” Zone 59 “for November 29 is the party ???? big force to the reufs who came to pose on the project it will be naughty!” specifies the man with the bob who now seems ready to break everything! We don’t know you, but at melty we are too impatient to be on November 29! While waiting for melty after Thank God, Rilès reveals Queen and he tells us behind the scenes of the shooting …

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Dadju announces a concert in a legendary place for the release of Poison! (VIDEO)

The singer has clearly gone to the next level with this announcement which will be like a bomb to his audience. We tell you more …

Very big concerts are in sight and that makes us happy at melty! You obviously know Dadju, the little brother of Maitre Gims but above all the new king of urban music in France. Well after having released the clip of a week ago “Confessions”, the artist continues to make us love the promotion of his album “Poison” which will appear in stores this Friday, November 15. And this time he released the big game! While Angela is a hit with Brol La Suite and adds a new date to the AccorHotels Arena, the singer aims him even higher and will perform on a stage that has welcomed the biggest stars in the world …

It is in a video posted today on Youtube that the singer lets us discover the big surprise: He will perform at the Parc des Princes! What could be more emblematic than this place to welcome such an important artist in today’s French music scene. Especially since Dadju is also a huge fan of football and in particular of the Paris Saint-Germain team that he perfectly honors in this video. We see him walking in the club premises to finally enter the field with his personalized jersey which announces the event “Dadju June 7, 2020”. We imagine that this concert will be as memorable as that of its predecessors like Johnny Hallyday or Michael Jackson who have performed several times in this immense place that is the Parc des Princes. To find out, meet this Friday at 10am for the opening of the ticket office! In the rest of the music news Slimane anger the fans of Jenifer after his victory with Vitaa at the NRJ Music Awards 2019 …

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Céline Dion: Courage, five songs to remember from her new album

Céline Dion is back with her new album Courage and we invite you to discover the five titles you need to remember.

Céline Dion, who unveiled the black and white clip of “Courage”, is back in stores on November 15, 2019 with her album Courage. Six years after the release of Loved Me Back To Life, the singer sings again in English to present a disc composed of 16 songs (20 on the deluxe version) on which she gives herself like never before. Difficult to make a choice! Fortunately, you can find the five titles to remember right below while in the rest of music news, we have learned that Demi Lovato continues to teaser the arrival of a new single.


Key title of this eponymous album, Celine Dion gets naked to talk about his life without René Angélil. “We all need courage to face our demons and to elevate ourselves. Only then can we really start to live” she declares at the beginning of her clip before singing: “I would be lying if I said I’m fine (I would lie if I said I’m fine) / I think of you at least a hundred times (Cause in the echo of my voice I hear your words (Because in the echo of my voice I hear your words) / Just like you’re there (As if you were there) “.

“Flying On My Own”

First song of her new opus, the Quebec singer evokes her emancipation. Free to choose, she has radically changed her style since she left Las Vegas and this melody could well express all these upheavals.

“For The Lover That I Lost”

Once again, the artist evokes in a nice ballad his life without her husband, René Angélil, who died in January 2016. A theme that seems to have inspired her enormously since it comes up very often in her songs.


Future tube in sight? With “Baby”, the interpreter of the world hit “My heart Will Go On” get into Pop and it sparks. With his heady refrain, he could climb the charts and be part of the success of this new record.

“Falling In Love Again”

In this title, Céline Dion opens her heart and confides that she has hit rock bottom and that she thought she would never know love again. Is she trying to make the whole world understand that she is ready to find love? In any case, “Falling In Love Again” allows you to enhance your vocal power.

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Naughty Boy returns with Mike Posner on Live Before I Die, the touching music video unveiled

Naughty Boy and Mike Posner unveil the video clip of their moving collaboration “Live Before I Die”.

While Mark Ronson will soon release a new featuring that will make noise, Naughty Boy and Mike Posner meet to produce a moving song. The two American artists explore an important theme: the loss of a loved one and how it can have an impact on life. “Live Before I Die” is a song written by Mike Posner in honor of his late father. This traumatic experience for the singer changed his life since he decided to put everything aside in order to cross the United States on foot. Naughty Boy, who also experienced tragedy in his family, was immediately drawn to this project showing that there is always hope despite the difficult moments.

The visuals accompanying “Live Before I Die “ show the journey lived by MiKe Posner in recent months. He traveled more than 3000 miles from Asbury Park in New Jersey to Venice Beach in California. “I wanted to be someone I could be proud of” said the artist. Naughty Boy shared on his page Instagram : “This is one of the most sincere songs and it particularly affects me. After watching the video, I feel like Mike worked for everyone. The present is all we have. “ In the rest of the week’s music news, Kanye West announced Jesus Is King Part II and the collaboration with a rap legend.

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Kesha unveils the clip for her new title My Own Dance (VIDEO)

Almost three years after the release of her latest album, Kesha is back with “My Own Dance”.

Camila Cabello has just announced a concert date in France at the AccordHotel Arena for her future album “Romance”, but he’s not the only artist preparing to return. Indeed, the singer Kesha whose latest installment “Rainbow“was released in 2017, it will also release a new album on January 10 which will be entitled “High Road”. To make us wait, she first unveiled the title a month ago “Raising Hell” featuring queer artist Big Freedia and returns today with the clip of a new song called “My Own Dance”.

A rather crazy clip that exudes celebration, like “Tik Tok” or “We R Who We R” the singer’s tubes released in 2010. In the program for this clip, neon pink varnish, naked and hairy men moving their pelvis, a motel straight out of the film “Psycho” and a very large swimming pool. Suffice to say that it is visually very effective! Regarding the title, we note that it is co-written and co-produced with John Hill. American producer and author who participated in the creation of Shakira and Rihanna hits or in titles like “Babygirl” by Charli XCX. Well surrounded, Kesha therefore makes an unexpected return to the image of Alicia Keys who too, has just unveiled her new single, “Time Machine”.

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Camila Cabello: My Oh My, his unexpected collaboration with a great rapper on his album Romance

Camila Cabello collaborated with a great American rapper on a song called “My Oh My” which will appear on his new album Romance.

Camila Cabello unveiled the magical clip of her new single “Living Proof”. For weeks now, the 22-year-old woman has been teasing the release of her new album entitled Romance. And it is now official, this disc long awaited by her fans will be available in stores from December 6, 2019. In the meantime, she continues to surf the immense success of her collaboration with Shawn Mendes on the tube “Señorita”, which reached first place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and which enabled the two lovebirds to win a trophy at the 2019 American Music Awards ceremony. But another duo of the singer with a great American rapper could soon wreak havoc in turn …

Camila Cabello, who announced a concert date in France as part of her Romance Tour, revealed exclusively to the newspaper The sun the titles of his new opus. And surprise, the artist worked with DaBaby on the sound “My Oh My”, which would look very much like a sequel to the world hit “Havana”. Above, she sings: “My mama doesn’t trust him, he’s only here for one thing but, so am I” (My mother does not trust him, he is only there for one thing but me too) or even “I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl. Tonight I don’t want to be her” (I swear on my life that I have been a good girl. Tonight, I don’t want to be her) … A song that promises to be already very caliente!

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Travis Scott: After Highest In The Room, he announces a new project

Rapper Travis Scott is about to reveal a whole new project after the success of his single “Highest In The Room”.

The Pussycat Dolls are back and released an incredible first performance on television. For his part, the rapper Travis Scott unveiled the music video “Highest In The Room” which has reached 100 million views on YouTube since its release on October 3, 2019. A success that follows the carton of his album ASTROWORLD on which we can find the tubes “Can’t say” or “Sicko Mode” feat Drake. And to continue to dominate the American rap industry, the 28-year-old artist has announced a brand new project called Jack boys and which could well allow him to be talked about again.

On social networks, the one we nicknamed La Flame announced that a collection of derivative objects was going to see the light of day under the name of “Black Jack”. As a bonus, buyers will be able to obtain a compilation, Jack boys so, on which he highlights some artists like Sheck Wes, Don Toliver or Chase B, which he produces under his Castus Jack label. New sounds that her fans are already impatient to discover in the coming weeks … In the rest of the music news, the British singer Dua Lipa has announced a European tour and will soon be in France.

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Kanye West: Jesus Is King, the officially announced release date

The release date of Kanye West’s album Jesus Is King was officially released by the rapper on social media.

While Kanye West has been on the list of the most controversial music videos of recent years, the rapper is officially back and this time it’s no joke! If at first, his album Jesus is king was announced for September 27, 2019, then shifted to September 29, it finally did not see the light of day despite the revelation of the tracklist on Twitter’s account Kim Kardashian. The reason ? The rapper who is ultra picky had not completely finished his project and had to add a few sounds depending on the hallway noises. But surprised, on social networks, Yeezy has finally unveiled the release date of his album …

And you will have to wait until October 25 to discover his new songs! As several fans had reported after a listening session in Washington on October 12, the 42-year-old artist had planned this date, just to stick with the release of his documentary titled “Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience”. On Twitter, the interpreter of “Stronger” revealed a blue disc with the title inscribed in gold, enough to collect more than 200,000 likes and 79,000 retweets in 8 hours. Her fans are therefore there for this big comeback … Meanwhile, Kesha has teased her new single “High Road”.

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Kanye West sings to preview his new album Jesus Is King (VIDEOS)

Kanye West hosted a party at the Los Angeles Forum to preview songs from her new album Jesus Is King.

Kanye West, who is more in love than ever with his wife Kim Kardashian, has officially announced the release date of his album Jesus is king. Scheduled for September 27 and September 29, 2019, it was finally postponed to October 25. Until the very last moment, the 42-year-old artist wanted to refine his new project, which will allow him to return to music after the release of Ye in June 2018. To celebrate, he organized a party at the Los Angeles Forum on October 23 with several fans to preview the images of his documentary “Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience” as well as some extracts from his new opus …

As Yeezy does nothing like the others he had turned the floor of the room into a “pastoral landscape of reeds and long grass” story to stick to the gospel theme according to the magazine The face. Regarding the album, it is filled with religious songs with many allusions to God, like what had been announced. Rap so, but without insults and with some references to the Bible, as shown by several videos that were shared on social networks by people present at the event. In the rest of the music news, Dua Lipa revealed the cover and the release date of his new single “Don’t Start Now”.

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Loïc Nottet in Paris for a concert in the Pleyel hall, an electric and captivating show (REPORT)

Loïc Nottet was in concert at Pleyel and we were there! We tell you …

“Many of you have never heard anything from this album and you came anyway. So really, thank you!” It was with these words that Loic Nottet began his concert at the Salle Pleyel. With his guitarist, drummer and two dancers, the young Belgian laid the foundations for an incredible show full of surprises. The artist’s voice, always so crazy, is particularly highlighted by the licked scenography proposed by Loïc Nottet. Between two walks taken from his next album, Loïc Nottet ignited the scene with “Poison” and his very famous “Million Eyes” or “Rhythm Inside”, his title presented at Eurovision in 2015. In the audience, fans were there. Belgians, in number, had come for this Parisian date after attending the show in Brussels, given last month.

In the room that evening, Loic Nottet was also able to count on the support of his Dance family with the stars: Chris Marques, Christophe Licata, Anthony Colette, Tonya Kinzinger, Katrina Patchett and Yoann Riou responded! You will understand, Loïc Nottet has offered a very successful comeback. After Selfocracy, his album released in 2017, we still find him as talented, melancholy and even surprising. For his new album the artist says it himself: “I explored parts of me that I didn’t know …” We can’t wait to listen to it and with what we could see on stage, it promises!

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