Booba: the rapper CRASHES Maeva Ghennam in his new single Follow us

It's well known that rapper Booba loves competition and clashes. A legacy of American rap to which the MC of 92, ex-member of the tandem Lunatic, was bottle-fed for several years. Latest example? 6G. Or the latest single from the self-proclaimed Duke of Boulogne in which he takes a dig at reality TV candidate Maeva Ghennam. We also know that B2O hates trash TV and those it calls “influvoleurs” teasingly. He made it clear in a punchline of this new sound which announces an (umpteenth) return of the king of clashes.

Head slaps and clashes in the head

On February 2, 2024, Booba releases the very sophisticated clip for his new sound entitled 6G. Or the logical sequence of titles 3G, 4G (or the last good sound of the artist's career on the album Nero Nemesis) and more recently 5G. What do these four tracks have in common? A sort of return to the roots of raw and angry rap, professional kicking without embellishment or zumba. We had almost forgotten about it, between his questionable big ups Eric Zemmour and his weird connections with Didier Raoult, that Booba could still rap well. In 6G, the rapper delivers punchlines one after the other, always with the insolence of his 20s. We thought B.2.OBA had been washed away for several years, between clashes on Instagram and sample of barbie Girl (on the infamous Ratpi World), but the Johnny of French rap still has more under the hood. Then, suddenly, at the bend of 6Gwe hear Booba pronouncing the name of Maeva Ghennam…

Ghennam Style

We rewind, replay the action in slow motion, dissect the punch – or the valve, it depends – to better understand: “Life is a bitch, like Maeva Ghennam, she needs to change her pussy!” Here, the rapper alludes to a controversy provoked by the reality TV candidate. In 2021, she shocked public opinion after a cosmetic procedure on her private parts. She said in an Instagram story: “I have a beautiful vagina, I don't have protruding labia, it needs to be taken care of. My doctor is the best for this. It's so good, like, it's like I'm 12 years old.Comments referring to the tightness of her post-operation vagina. Between Maeva and the scalpel, it's a great love story. The starlet has had numerous operations: chest, lips, cheekbones, nose, buttocks And vagina. Booba, for his part, redid his portrait in a puzzle style.

Booba announces a new album

Obviously, the dig at Maeva Ghennam, whether funny, brutal, or a bit of both, is only one of the cogs in the mechanics of this new single. Indeed, 6G is a parade of punchlines and other “metagores” of which only Booba has the secret. It is also and above all a banger as an appetizer for what he said would be the single from a new album to come. Three days after the publication of the clip of 6Gthe rapper revealed what looks like a cover album. We find this one in white marcel like on the cover of his very first solo album, Timeout, released in 2002. The circle is complete. With or without Maeva Ghennam, 6G allows Booba to once again take the throne of French rap. Throne that he himself had left vacant with ULTRA his latest album which was supposed to be the conclusion of his career as a rapper. Ad-vitam Aeternamhis new album, is due to be released on February 9, 2024.

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Grammy Awards: rapper Killer Mike arrested by police just after the ceremony Follow us

The 66th edition of Grammy Awards was held this Sunday, February 4 at Los Angeles in the United States. The opportunity to reward numerous artists and musical figures. But for one of them, the ceremony didn’t really end as planned. If it had started well for the rapper Killer Mike, its outcome created general surprise. In fact, it was stopped at the exit of the Crypto Arenathe place where the ceremony took place.

Killer Mike arrested by police after Grammy Awards

A video of his arrest is making the rounds online. On the sidelines of Grammy Awards this Sunday, February 4, Killer Mike was arrested by the police after leaving the ceremony. In this video we can see the rapper handcuffed and escorted by security guards at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles. For the moment, the causes of his arrest still remain unclear. However, a member of security reportedly explained to the American media The Hollywood Reporter, that it would have nothing to do with the event. As for the site TMZhe specifies that Killer Mike “was arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with a security guard at the event”. Two very different pieces of information… However, the police have not yet communicated the reasons for his arrest. Nor the rapper.

Who is three-time award winner Killer Mike?

However, the evening of Killer Mike had started very well! In fact, the 48-year-old American rapper has won no less than three awards at the Grammy Awards 2024. Including that of best rap album for his opus Michael, during the pre-ceremony on Sunday afternoon. But also that of the best rap performance and some best rap song. A great track record! After his award, the rapper declared to the media: “I consciously tried to make the best album in the world”. With this opus, his message was very clear: “Telling the story of a young Black boy growing up in west Atlanta, so the world can see that our story is not about victimization and defeatbut that we can win, prosper and flourish.”

Taylor Swift wins at the Grammy Awards!

Unfortunately, the evening of Killer Mike therefore did not end in the best possible way. On the other hand, for Taylor Swift, it’s the jackpot! In fact, the singer, idol of young people, has once again affirmed her status as queen of pop. For good reason, she won the album of the year award for the fourth time, surpassing Frank Sinatra or Stevie Wonder. A real record! At the top of the global musical landscape, his prize was awarded to him by Celine Dionwho made a surprise and appreciated appearance at the Grammy Awards, despite his illness. “When I say I’m happy to be here, I really mean it, from the bottom of my heart”, declared the singer on stage. An evening which ends with many other prizes for artists from all over the world.

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Eurovision 2023: La Zarra finally present? His last message is unequivocal Follow us

Eurovision fans are stampeding with impatience. The big song contest is fast approaching! This 67th edition will take place from May 9 to 13 in Liverpool, England. Who will succeed the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra which distinguished itself in 2022? The French hope that their ambassador can climb to the top of the rankings. However, La Zarra recently caused concern among its public. In fact, the young woman was forced to cancel two performances that she was to give in Amsterdam and London. In recent weeks, the latter has been slowed down in the race for Eurovision for “ personal reasons “. A situation which made him the target of strong criticism.

It is therefore with big surprise that Internet users have read the message sent by La Zarra on Twitter this Thursday, April 27. “ Hello France, hello Europe. I am a few days away from leaving for Liverpool and I absolutely wanted to send you this thank you message », Launched the singer. Before continuing: “ This is the home stretch and I am more determined than ever to wear the colors of France with pride and love “. “ You gave me a unimaginable strength and I wanted to reassure you. It's in the most difficult times that we see the people who love us and the power of love. “, she confided.

La Zarra's promise a few days before Eurovision 2023

The artist, however, wanted to react to the words of his critics. “ Even if we can't always be unanimous, so many of you have told me that you believe in me and in my song. In our song! And that's all I need. Let's stay focused on the essentials. We are ready and even more than ready. “, she expressed. His ambition for Eurovision? “ Making the Liverpool stage sparkle. We have prepared a dazzling, dangerous and 'so French chic. Liverpool, 'Grande France' arrives. “, she promised. This week, the candidate was placed for the first time in the top 5 of potential winners. The Zarra has already knew how to seduce with Obviouslya surprising piece which is halfway between pop, French song and rap.

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Singer Claude deprived of a concert in a church: the reason revealed Follow us

A few weeks ago in TPMP, Bilal Hassani’s concert in an old church caused debate. There are columnists who were for the cancellation of the event, even if the sacred place was no longer. And there are those who were sure that this concert was controversial because of the sexual orientation of Bilal Hassani and the proposed location for the show. During this heated debate, Matthieu Delormeau got very angry. Besides, it’s the last time he participated in the show… And it’s been three weeks already!

This time, it’s the singer’s turn Claude to see his concert canceled… This Wednesday, April 26, he was to perform at the Saint-Eustache church in Paris as part of the festival “Who goes piano goes sano”. On Instagram, he announced that his game was canceled at the request of the parish. The reason ? The music video for his song HAStell me a little in which he recounts a priest’s fight between love and religion. A clip which was deemed provocative by the church. “I tried to discuss it with the Saint-Eustache church, they did not necessarily hear this interpretation or consider that it was sufficient to explain this clip”he explained afterwards.

“I’m not used to refusing artists”

Yves Trocheris, priest of the Saint-Eustache church, then explained himself to and admitted to being “deeply bored”. He then declared: “I am not in the habit of refusing artists but I am responsible for a religious community and every weekend 2000 people gather around these extremely sensitive symbols for them. » The decision to cancel Claude’s performance was taken in consultation with the diocese and the priest added: “I am not talking about blasphemy, but, like the French flag, the host, the chalice are symbols which deserve respect. I don’t know if an artist always understands very well, when he uses religious symbols, the impact that it can have on those who practice them. »

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Ed Sheeran in court Follow us

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artists of our time. With numerous hits to his credit, he has many fans, both in concert and on social networks. More than 50 millions people follow him on YouTube, and his Instagram account brings together more than 43 million. The English artist has released hits such as Shape of You, Galway Girl, Perfect Or Thinking Out Loud. Unfortunately, that last bit is currently the subject of a lawsuit. Indeed, Ed Sheeran is accused of having attributed the melody of another very popular song to himself: Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye.

This is why the red-haired singer had to go to Manhattan last Thursday. There, Ed Sheeran was able to testify. Indeed, his lawyer asked him to explain how the melody of Thinking Out Loud. The music video for the song, which broke all records around the world, has been viewed billions of times on YouTube. But it was not this testimony that marked those present during the trial. In fact, the way Ed Sheeran chose to testify was very, very original. Yes, what could be better for an artist to use his passion to defend… his passion?

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Ed Sheeran made a splash in the courtroom

Therefore Cherry's husband took out his guitar, in full testimony. He reportedly told the jury that writing a song was in his nature, and that he could even create up to nine songs a day. Furthermore, he added: “I’m not the most gifted guitarist in the world. » Then he inadvertently dropped the microphone, before apologizing for his clumsiness. Then he sang his song in the courtroom. Furthermore, he said that joining the church choir when he was four years old gave him a taste for music. Finally, Ed Sheeran admitted: I don't know how to read music. I'm not classically trained in anything. When inspiration strikes, you get impatient, and it just comes out. » Case to be continued, therefore, since the trial resumes this Monday.

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Lynda: the rising R&B star releases a new album! Follow us

Lynda, her full name Lynda SherazadeEast one of the rising artists on the French scene in 2023. A unique voice combining power, softness and intimacy, which is inspired by and performs alongside the greatest, notably Franglish and Tayc. His next album, A little bit of me, offers the public major collaborations with big names such as Soprano or Soolking. Inspired by soul, reggae and R&B trends, Lynda sings about love and addresses it through different powerful themes: friendship, family, betrayal…

“In my songs, there are all the emotions. There is joy, sadness, melancholy, I define my album as a rainbow. And that’s really who I am.”confides Lynda about her next album A little bit of meWho released this Friday April 28, 2023. An ode to emotions and love in which the 28-year-old singer puts her soul on the carpet. Childhood, career and private life, her deepest feelings are brought to light to make the public want to know her.

Lynda is performing very soon at the Zénith in Paris!

After a first album entitled Butterfly, more than 200 million streams, more than 280 million views on Youtube and 4 gold singles in 2022, Lynda does not intend to stop there. And in 2023, the French singer intends to explode! It is at the Zénith in Paris that she will perform on Friday May 12 for an exceptional show. An additional way of sharing her music which, for her, is like a ” medicine “. The artist confides: “It can heal hearts, it can alleviate much suffering… I needed to write. Ever since I was a kid, I had been writing poems, lots of them, and I needed to share”.

To listen to all of Lynda’s songs, click here !

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Is Miley Cyrus leading a double life? This name she would use in secret Follow us

For Miley Cyrus, the time when she was evolving in a television series for children is far behind it. In fact, it is In Hannah Montana from Disney Channel, which the actress took her first steps in 2006. She has established herself as a singer. She took out several solo albums to success. Among these, we can cite: Breakout (2008), Can't Be Tamed (2010), Bangerz, released in 2013, or Young Now, which dates from 2017.

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has evolved as an artist, moving from a style of teen pop music to a more mature style and experimental. The singer started very young. His most loyal fans have been following her for many years. They sometimes know the smallest details of his life. They also know how to recognize their voice tone or his artistic imprint among others. This may explain the surprising rumor that has been making the rounds on social networks recently.

Is Miley Cyrus hiding behind a fake name?

It’s an album posted on streaming platforms that piqued the curiosity of Miley Cyrus fans. The interpreter who appears on it responds to the pseudonym Clara Pierce. Multiple clues connect this project to Miley Cyrus. The album is titled Down With Me. Fans recognized the voice of the interpreter of Hannah Montana on this album. For them, there is no doubt, their idol has released a new opus under the coat. In terms of clues, you should know that Down with me was released the same day as the song Endless Summer Vacation (this is a single sung by Miley Cyrus).

One of Clara Pierce's titles is named Sagittarius. However, it is Miley Cyrus' zodiac sign. In the latter, the sentence “I told you once before, I'm my Mother's Daughter.” in French) “. But this one obviously refers to the song Mother's Daughter by Miley Cyrus. And these are not there just a few examples. On TikTok, theories are rife and hundreds of videos evoking different hypotheses have been shared. For some fans, this album would have been generated by an AI (Artificial Intelligence). But the mystery remains since it was removed from streaming platforms. As for Miley Cyrus, she has not spoken on the subject for the moment.

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Miossec cancels his tour: the singer confides for the first time about his state of health Follow us

The news is unfortunately not good. The singer Christophe Miossec made a sad announcement regarding his return to the stage planned for 2023. The Telegram reported that the singer postponed its dates concerts planned for 2023, including that of the Festival du Chant de Marin, on Sunday August 6. A difficult decision that had to be made due to his state of health. In a message addressed to the organizers of the Paimpol Sailor Song festival, also published on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, Christophe Miossec explains: “ This is a speaking to tell you that mine is currently under repair, the vocal cords needing to be taken care of. (…) Each date of the tour will be postponed from February 2024. Thank you for the understanding and patience, thank you very much for the very warm welcome given to “Simplify”, the album. »

For the moment, only one postponement of dates was shared by Christophe Miossec. Fans of the singer will eventually be able to find him on stage in 2024. This is not the artist’s first health challenge. In fact, he suffers from an orphan neurological disease which he was diagnosed with in 2009:ataxia. The singer from Brittany spoke about his illness in 2018. It was during a long interview given to Inrockuptibles that he mentioned it. He then improvised as editor-in-chief during the release of his album The survivors. “Compared to my alcohol problem, what saved me was my cerebellar disease. I am one of those people who should never have drunk alcohol in their life, because every drink can be fatal. I got drunk very quickly and, as a result, the quantities ingested were not pharaonic”, he explained in particular.

Miossec makes an unexpected announcement on Instagram

L’stopping alcohol finally “ Safe “. “If I had held the alcohol, I would have gone far. I saw too many close friends die quickly, at an age when I was not equipped to face death. They remained present, by my side, and kept my head above water, spared me from hard drugs,heroin notably. “, he continued. A situation which is reminiscent of Stromae’s recent announcement. He also indicated the cancellation of his concerts at least until May, also for health reasons : “ I must resign myself to the fact that my health unfortunately does not allow me to continue coming to meet you for the moment. (…) JI owe it to myselflisten to my limits. Surrounded by my family, I must take the time to recover to resume, when I can, the rest of the concerts. I hope to give you more positive news as soon as possible »he wrote.

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Which rappers have these reality TV stars flirted with? Follow us

Milla Jasmine, Nabilla, Astrid Nelsia,… All reality TV stars who have already worked with highly rated rappers. If you think you know everything about their lives, let's see if you can identify the celebrities from the world of rap with whom they have had little affairs!