Avatar: this flagship actress refuses to return to the franchise

Even James Cameron, the director of the Avatar franchise, couldn’t convince her to reprise her role in future films.

Avatar: this flagship actress refuses to return to the franchise

Michelle Rodriguez is an actress with a fiery temper. And not just in the motorized franchise Fast & Furious. Take Avatar, another ultra-popular and ultra-profitable saga. The American actress did not wish to return to Avatar – The Waterwaysequel to the first Avatar of the name, released last December-. A firm refusal, without the possibility of negotiations. In 2009she embodied Trudytough-skinned soldier and outstanding pilot. One of these roles badass as she knows so well how to endorse them in well-burned blockbusters.

Fact, Michelle Rodriguez refused to don Trudy’s paramilitary outfit in the James Cameron franchise. She explains this radical decision to Vanity Fair : “Dude…”, launches the actress nonchalantly to the journalist during the interview. “I saw jim [surnom de James Cameron, NDLR] recently and he told me he was thinking of bringing me back.” The filmmaker would have explained to him, according to his words, that many characters had returned in other forms in Avatar 2. And it is the truth. We necessarily think of Stephen Langwho goes from human in the first film to Na’vi in the second, and Sigourney Weaver, who embodies neither more nor less than the Na’avi daughter of her character who died at the end of the first film. However, these transformation ideas did not at all thrill Michelle Rodriguez. She adds that she replied to James Cameron that it was “out of the question” to come back. I died a martyr!“, she balances with a prickly humor.

Michelle Rodriguez: living avatar among the dead characters

However, this would not be the first time that Michelle Rodriguez has seen one of her characters resurrect on screen thanks to the magic of cinema. It was also the main attraction of one of the many episodes of Fast & Furious whose title we forgot. But also in Machete Killsfollowing more than dispensable from the cult machete, where she also returned from the dead. Finally, in resident Evil, even if we all skipped that she was also playing in there, she also comes back to life. So why not in Avatar ? It would seem that the death of Trudy on the screen, a real patriotic sacrifice as we like in American cinema, is a real moment of satisfaction for the actress. This one concludes with her legendary badass banter: “Looks like they don’t know what to do with the girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend. Do we keep it or kill it?“Anyway, the fanboys And fangirls by Michelle Rodriguez will be able to find her very soon beautiful and alive in the cinema. And that in no less than two blockbusters with Dungeons & Dragonsnext April 12 at the cinema, then Fast Xtenth installment of the saga Fast & Furiousin theaters May 17, 2023. Double dose of Michelle the loudmouth in the flesh.

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Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Would you rather watch a movie on your sofa than freeze yourself outside asking for candy? That’s good, Melty has what you need!

The All Saints holidays are among our favorites and the presence ofHalloween program has a lot to do with it. Even if this party is not as well established in France as in the United States, we like to take this opportunity to watch a good horror film while stuffing ourselves with candy. Melty offers you a small selection of ideal feature films to scare you… With your family, alone or with friends! For it netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ or SCO have something to give chills to all of us. The proof with these 10 films. Follow the leader !

Ring (on Prime Video)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

There will be a before and an after Ring in contemporary horror cinema. Japanese masterpiece Hideo Nakata and standard meter of the J Horror for more than twenty years, many times copied but never equaled, continues to put as many petoches. A VHS tape that kills the person watching it, the specter of a young girl crossing the TV screen, a winding police investigation… Ring is not only a horror film of the best water. It is a terrifying pop-cultural work that has turned the codes of horror cinema upside down, including in the West. You’ll never look at your TV screen the same way again.

The Vitch (on Prime Video)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Rereading the myth of the witch Salem in a setting of pagan tales, The Vitchreleased in 2015 and the prodigy’s first feature film RobertEggers, is a weird horror movie. A slow, almost weightless work that paints the portrait of a very religious peasant family in 17th century New England. It is also and above all the film which revealed the talented Anya Taylor Joy (heroine of the hit series, The Queen’s Game) in his very first role. And not least: his character, torn between strict religion and the tempting forces of evil, goes from victim to executioner in the snap of a finger. For fans of wiccanism and horror cheper.

Split (on Prime Video)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

23 personalities. No more no less. It’s the identity disorder that shakes Kevina disturbed young man who alternates with his different personalities… And kidnaps young girls in bloom to sequester them in a converted cellar. Sometimes of his own free will, sometimes in spite of himself, it all depends on the personality that inhabits him at the moment T. Split marked the return to business of M.Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) after a short crossing of the desert. James McAvoy, who plays Kevin, delivers a stunning schizoid performance that has been a landmark ever since. Don’t be fooled by Kevin… His mood swings might just drive you crazy!

Insidious (on Canal+)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

In the now long saga Insidiousif only one film had to be kept, it would undoubtedly be the very first of the name. An original, genuine work gamechanger in the early 2010s in a horror cinema mainstream American then sclerotic. A remake of the monsters under the bed movie over which the shadows of ghosts of the past and creatures from beyond loom. The story of a family whose son is troubled by strange gifts. We dare you not to jump off your sofa at the sight of The Man with the Red Face at the turn of a jump scare became cult in about ten years. Can someone turn the light back on, siouple?

REC (on Canal+)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

There was a time when the found footage (understand a fiction with a shaky image like an amateur camera) was not at all the prerogative of horror films. Whether The Blair Witch Project struck a blow with this D system technique in 1999, it must be admitted that the reference in the matter comes fromSpain. And will have its own coup almost ten years later. In 2008, RECreimagining the zombie movie through a closed-door infection is one of the most horrifying films of the past twenty years. Partly its last 20 minutes, the final plan of which is overwhelming with horror and has since become cult. Not recommended in total darkness.

The Vigil (on OCS)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Attention nugget! And a little horror bomb that will give you sleepless nights punctuated with blue fears. The Vigil is a bizarre film mixing orthodox esotericism, Jewish religion and ancestral beliefs. A camera in which a young man must watch the body of a deceased all night before the burial the next day. Imagine the evil offspring of Devils (Ken Russell1971) and Conjuring – The Warren Files (JamesWan, 2013). A horror film that plays on the fear of death with a twist ending more terrifying than any jump scare series rowdy The Midnight Club.

Ouija board – The Origins (on Netflix)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Who said sequels have to make bad movies? Ouija board – The originswhich takes up the very boating concept of its elder, is a origin story devilishly effective which gives much more the willies than the first film of the name. Do you have a memory lapse? But yes, a group of slightly silly teenagers who play neither yes nor no with poltergeists thanks to a magic tablet. A true esoteric relic that will turn their destiny upside down. Ouija board 2 is a production that improvises like a broke version ofannabelle signed by the new patron saint of horror, mike flanagan (Haunting of Hill House). Do you dare to use the ouija board?

Eli (on Netflix)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Even if we consider thatEli is a well-made and yet disappointing horror film, this feature film has at least the merit of being unpublished! Broadcast exclusively on the streaming platform, it’s a bit of a mix of several stories that we already know. We are therefore dealing with a little boy allergic to the outside world, placed by his parents in a private clinic supposedly capable of curing him. Except that between hallucinations and painful treatments, Eli only dreams of one thing: to flee this cursed place… Enough to have the chips, especially if you’re claustrophobic!

In The Tall Grass (on Netflix)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

This unreleased Netflix horror film, adapted from a short story written by Stephen King (and his son JoeHill), will delight all fans of the writer! Available on the streaming platform since 2019, In The Tall Grass tells the story of Becky, six months pregnant, and her brother Cal, who will experience a real descent into hell. These two characters, during a car trip, hear a little boy calling for help in a field of tall grass, and decide to enter the field in question to help him. But they didn’t expect to be then prisoners of a temporal fault from which they can no longer escape… Scary !

The Babysitter (on Netflix)

Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

The director of Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels signs a well-crafted Z series! The Babysitter is an entertainment juggling between horror and comedy (a bit Little Monsters) recounting the hellish night of Cole, a twelve-year-old child fascinated by his nanny. When he should be sleeping, the boy spies on his babysitter and discovers thatshe uses her living room to bring members of her demonic cult together ! Will he be the next victim of these high school students who are determined to spill blood? Or will he manage to survive until sunrise? We’ll let you watch the film to get the answer!

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Harry Potter: this star of the saga who was jealous of the relationship between Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman

A great star of the Harry Potter saga envied the privileged relationship between Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman on the set of the saga.

In 2001, Chris Columbus (Mom I missed the plane) brought the magical world of JK Rowling to the screen for the first time with Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first installment of a cinematographic saga made up of seven additional opuses, not to mention three spin-offs. The film revealed a host of young talents on screen, including Tom Felton. The comedian was only 13 when he landed the role of Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s sworn enemy. A feeling of hatred mixed with jealousy that seized Tom Felton on the set of the saga. The young man would thus have envied the privileged relationship between Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and his mentor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black).

The actor, now in his thirties, returns to this hidden jealousy in his memoirs entitled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard. I felt like Gary became something of an inspiration to Daniel, helping him navigate the tricky path of growing up in the spotlight and honing his acting skills… “, Explain Tom Felton. They seemed to share a common sense of humor. The actor envied this one-of-a-kind bond: We could see that, thanks in part to Gary’s influence, Dan was really starting to learn the trade better than any of us. Who better than Gary Oldman to be on your side for this purpose? »

This secret feeling Tom Felton had for another Harry Potter star

If he was jealous of the relationship between Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman, Tom Felton had a much more tender feeling for another of his comrades, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). In Harry Potter: Return to Hogwartsthe actor confided to having been “ very protective of her “, in addition to having had ” a weakness for her “, a favorite that he has” still to this day “. Watson and Felton continue to have a deep bond of friendship. In 2019, the two former Hogwarts students thus offered themselves a vacation in South Africa, a trip during which Watson would have even taught his friend to play the guitar. This tender complicity, however, never gave birth to a true love story…

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Harry Potter: Here’s Why The Hero (Daniel Radcliffe) Was So Good At Quidditch (And You’ll Be Surprised!)

In Harry Potter, the hero is very good on a flying broom. And here’s how Daniel Radcliffe kept motivation on set…

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter. On the big screen, in any case, no one imagines another face than his for this role. And this character is very good on a Flying broom ! However, the shootings were not necessarily the most comfortable for the young actors. Spending hours on a broom probably makes sore buttocks… suddenly, we had to find motivations! In his book Beyond the Wand, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) recounts the underside of these epic scenes. According to the 30-year-old, who played the enemy of the hero in the saga, each of the actors had chosen a photo to hang on the object he had to watch. Thus, flying became more interesting! And Daniel Radcliffe had chosen a shot of a actress especially…

Tom Felton says the team was moving a tennis ball so that the actors could imagine what was going to happen after the special effects. The interpreter of Draco Malfoy remembers: ” When the director’s first assistant shouted ‘Dragon!’ or ‘bludger!’, we had to look at the tennis ball, well, as if it were a dragon or a bludger. Sometimes there was more than one tennis ball in the air. And since they all looked alike, they ended up giving us other objects to fix our gaze on. We chose photos of something or someone dear to us.

Daniel Radcliffe chose a very famous actress

The actor continues: Daniel Radcliffe had chosen a particularly pretty photo of the beautiful Cameron Diaz. Thus, the interpreter of Harry Potter could watch this shot instead of being bored on the set. After all, it’s a way like any other to get motivated… especially for a young teenager! Tom Felton, meanwhile, had chosen a otherwise glamorous cliché. He reveals : ” I had chosen the photo of an even more beautiful carp. To be honest, there was no competition! » However, if the two actors chose such different photos, that did not prevent them from being friends. Indeed, Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe have created a very strong bond. No, they are not enemies like their cinematic counterparts! And you, what would you have chosen to hang on the tennis ball?

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Why This Movie Star Refuses To Show Coca-Cola In His Movies

We don’t make Clint Eastwood drink Coca-Cola. Here’s why the movie veteran refuses to show the famous soda in his films.

An essential star of Hollywood cinema since the 1960s, Clint Eastwood built his badass reputation thanks to the saga dirty harry where he plays an inspector more focused on firearms than the schoolboy humor of Police Academy. Eastwood is also a label, that of a nonagenarian director who won an Oscar in 1992 for his twilight western Ruthless. A reward among many others in the career of an artist who can also be proud of having won the César for Best Foreign Film three times, in addition to four Golden Globes. Eastwood is finally the proud father of a large family of eight children. Among them, Kyle, whom we see briefly in Bronco Billy (1980).

In the early 80s, Eastwood jr. decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and passes the casting for Karate Kid. In the waiting room, Kyle then crosses paths with future big Hollywood stars like Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen and of course Ralph Macchio, who will land the lead role in the film. According The Game of Nerds, Clint would not have appreciated that his son was rejected by the production. Resentful, the most famous cowboy of American cinema would have decided not to show the Coca-Cola brand in his films. Columbia Pictures, the studio behind Karate Kidindeed belonged to the brand of soda…

This completely crazy scene that required several thousand liters of Coca-Cola

If Eastwood refuses to see the slightest drop of Coca-Cola on his set, Cary Joji Fukunaga had to overdose on the set of Dying can wait. For the purposes of the chase scene that opens the last james bond, Daniel Craig’s understudy had to jump over a wall on a motorcycle and land on slippery cobblestones. Stunt manager Lee Morrison decided to use 37,000 liters of Coca-Cola to increase soil adhesion thanks to the drink’s very high sugar content. ” I spent nearly 60,000 euros to spray Coca-Colahe confided to Total Movie. I’ve been doing it on slippery surfaces for a very long time. And once cleaned, it’s as if nothing had happened! What to give Clint Eastwood food for thought…

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Batgirl: this shock revelation on the salary of a star of the film

Batgirl once again hits the headlines. One of the film’s stars was paid handsomely for his short performance.

Last August, Warner Bros. married in marriage with Discovery, a surprise union followed by a cataclysm without equal in Hollywood. The newlyweds decided to completely revise their marketing strategy and get rid of a good part of the DCEU projects. First to bear the brunt of this great upheaval: Batgirl. The feature film, then in post-production, was put away, Warner-Discovery swearing never to take it out of its drawers. A heartbreaker for millions of fans. Two months later, the scandal Batgirl returns to center stage again.

According to an article from HollywoodReporter, Michael Keaton would have been rewarded with an exorbitant salary for a simple ” cameo in his glory “. Warner Bros. would have given the actor 2 million dollars for a single week of filming. A scandalous sum for a shooting estimated at 90 million dollars, but an anecdotal gratification for Robert Downey Jr. who had meanwhile been paid 50 million dollars to take over the role of Tony Stark / Ironman in the first film of the saga avengers. ” If you want to get paid, you have to wear a cape “, quips a negotiator.

Why Warner Bros. decided to cancel Batgirl

During a test screening, spectators would have compared Batgirl at “ a bad tv series episode “, a judgment on which Warner Bros. would not have pressed to cancel the release of the film. According to sources close to studio executives, the controversial decision has nothing to do with ” the quality of the film or the commitment of the directors “. ” The decision not to go out Batgirl reflects our strategic shift with respect to the DC Universe and HBO Max “, later said a spokesperson for Warner, also specifying that [Leslie Grace est] an incredibly talented actress, and this decision has nothing to do with her performance. It is rumored that the Hollywood giant would have chosen to cancel the film to obtain a tax deduction. According to an anonymous source, this decision was “ seen internally as the most financially sound way to get the money back [investi dans la production] “.

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Harry Potter: the cause of death of Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) revealed

The circumstances of Robbie Coltrane’s (Hagrid) death have finally been revealed. Here’s what took the Harry Potter star’s life.

On October 14, millions of “ PotterHeads “Learned a devastating news: Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) passed away at the age of 72. The actor of Scottish origin had lent his features to the gamekeeper of Hogwarts for ten years, accompanying Harry Potter throughout his studies. A role that has become as cult as the film franchise inspired by JK Rowling’s literary saga. ” In fifty years you will still be looking at it, I will no longer be here, unfortunately, but Hagrid, yes “, predicted Robbie Coltrane in a documentary event shot on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter.

Hospitalized for several weeks in his native land, Robbie Coltrane succumbed to generalized failure of several organs, information revealed by TMZ which obtained the actor’s death certificate. Diabetic, the obese actor also suffered from heart problems in addition to sepsis and a respiratory tract infection. Coltrane only moved around in a wheelchair in recent years because of particularly painful arthritis. Robbie Coltrane leaves behind two children, Spencer (30) and a daughter, Alice (24), as well as a wonderful filmography that will be remembered for a long time.

These moving tributes from Harry Potter stars to Robbie Coltrane

A few hours after learning of the tragic disappearance of Robbie Coltrane, the stars of the saga Harry Potter have multiplied the tributes, each more tender than the other, to one of the essential figures of the wizarding world. Like Emma Watson, who described him as “ the fun uncle i never had by Daniel Radcliffe, one of the funniest people i have met “, or Tom Felton who accompanied a souvenir photo with Robbie Coltrane and his comrades on Instagram with a poignant message: “ One of my fondest memories on the set ofHarry Potter was a night shoot on the first film, in the forbidden forest. I was 12 years old. Robbie cared about everyone around him. Effortlessly. And made them laugh. Effortlessly. He was a big friendly giant on screen but even more so in real life. I love you mate – thanks for everything. »

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Tim Burton ready to direct a Marvel movie? Follow us

Is Tim Burton finally ready to direct a Marvel? The director’s answer may surprise you…

Nobody can deny that Tim Burton has his style good to him. Since he gave us beetle juice (1988), Batman (1989) and Batman: The Challenge (1992), no need to introduce it. For more than 30 years, his reputation has continued to grow. The director has his fetish actors, his little habits, and even a favorite composer. But what many fans would like is for him to participate in a film of marvel universe. And it’s for Deadline that Tim Burton has decided to confide. On the occasion of the Festival of Lights in Lyon, the great director talks about his complicated relationship with Disney. The studio that grew at breakneck speed absorbed franchises Marvel and Star Wars. And Tim Burton has a strong opinion on the matter.

He explains that in Marvel, “everything must be very homogeneous. There is much less room for different things.” And when journalists ask him if he will one day participate in the production of a Marvel, the director does not hesitate. He declares : I can only handle one universe. I can’t handle a multiverse. » But this refusal seems to have its source much deeper. In fact, after adapting Dumbo in 2019, Tim Burton ended its partnership with Disney. He reveals : “I’ve been hired and fired several times in my career there. I realized I was Dumbo. I worked for this horrible giant circus, and I had to escape. »

Will Tim Burton go freelance?

Despite this separation, Tim Burton has not yet explored the path of independent production. The director explains: “That’s what it is. An independent film, I don’t know. I’ve only worked for studios, so I never really understood what independent film was. Young Tim Burton began his directing career after one of his shorts caught the eye of Disney. Shortly after, his short film Frankenweenie displeased the studio, which resulted in Tim Burton being fired. And despite his clear-cut opinion on Marvel, the director has already participated in superhero films. Batman (1989) remains one of the greatest successes of genre cinema, even today. However, Tim Burton is best known for his feature films dark and gothicsuch as beetle juice Where Edward Scissorhands. Who knows, maybe he will change his mind and come back to Disney? In the meantime, we can discover Wednesday on Netflix on November 23 next.

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Star Wars: a new trilogy ready to see the light of day? Follow us

Will the Star Wars trilogy proposed by Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars VIII, see the light of day soon?

Rian Johnson, director of episode VIII of Star Wars (The Last Jedi), will he realize the trilogy What did he offer? Nothing is certain, especially since he has several times announced that he is confident about this. But he has just declared that he is currently in discussion with the leader of lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. This information was revealed during an interview he gave on October 20 to variety. “I spoke to Kathy (Kathleen Kennedy) about it and we are still in discussion. I had such an incredible experience making ‘The Last Jedi’ (…) For me, going out [Glass Onion : Une histoire à couteaux tirés] and do the next Star Wars… the answer is I don’t know”he explained.

A statement that clearly shows Rian Johnson’s optimism. But on the other hand, it does not inform more about the possible release of a next Star Wars. He indeed concludes his statements by adding that he does not know if he will make a next episode of the saga. This is not the first time that he has spoken on the subject. Last August, he shared the regret he would feel if he couldn’t continue directing the films. Star Wars. “It would break my heart if I was finished, if I could not return to this field one day or another (…) I am even more proud of it five years after,” he shared.

Rian Johnson, too busy to make his trilogy Star Wars ?

According to the director of Lucasfilm, Rian Johnson’s schedule is not not compatible with making future films Star Wars. Indeed, the director is already very busy with the release and filming of the series of Knives Out. However, it is not ready to stop! Its second part, Glass Onion : A story at loggerheads, will be broadcast at the end of November. But a third episode is already planned and will probably not see the light of day. for several years. Thus, it will certainly also be years before Rian Johnson can return to the saga. Star Wars !

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The Lord of the Rings: the trilogy sold in NFT, a first in the history of cinema

The Lord of the Rings trilogy makes history by becoming the first saga sold in NFT. We explain it all to you!

As its prequel series on Amazon Prime Video comes to an end, the trilogy of Lord of the Rings is still being talked about thanks to a historic event. According to information provided by variety, Warner Bros. has signed a partnership with a blockchain company, Eluvio, to offer Peter Jackson’s saga for sale in NFT, a first in the history of the studio and of cinema itself. This Friday, October 21, two different editions of the NFTs are thus available via the address web3.web.comthe marketplace official of the studio baptized for the occasion the ” WB Movieverse “. Warner is already promising to sell other titles in its online store soon.

First and foremost, we always seek to delight and surprise our movie fans and collectors, and this is especially true for the Lord of the Rings, says Jessica Schell, on behalf of Warner Bros. It allows fans to experience the film in a whole new way “. Eluvio CEO Michelle Munson adds: [Warner] can customize the content for each NFT – to make it a more playful experience over time. It costs around $100 to get one of the 999 copies of the “epic” edition (including eight hours of bonus material) of The Fellowship of the Ring for around thirty greenbacks to purchase one of the 10,000 editions of the “mystery” version (lower in supplements). Make your choice !

This star who sold NFTs before The Lord of the Rings

Anthony Hopkins did not wait for NFTs to invest in the cinema to get up to speed with the blockchain. The nonagenarian actor sold his own non-fungible tokens in early October. Hopkins offered his fans to acquire his ” Eternal Collection », a series of over 1000 original digital artworks inspired by his long and prolific career. In particular, there were creations related to Thesilenceofthelambs or the series Westworld. This is not Hopkins’ first try with NFTs. Last year, his film Zero Contact was available for sale as tokens on the Vuele platform. Could Anthony Hopkins be the “youngest” blockchain pioneer?

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