Rym and Vincent Queijo (Moms and famous) ready to stop TV? The statement that sows doubt

For several years now, Rym and Vincent Queijo have been spinning the perfect love! Remember, the two reality TV candidates met in 2019 on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5. Very quickly, they fell in love with each other and they became a couple. Since then, they are happier and in love than ever. Together they even built their own family. In 2020, the two lovebirds gave birth to their first child: Maria-Valentina. Then on January 16, Alma, a second little girl was born. Now filled with happiness, young parents are no longer really present in reality TV shows.

But then, will they leave this environment? During a question-and-answer moment with his community on Instagram, Vincent Queijo spoke following the following question from a user: “After your notoriety, what do you intend to do because reality TV stops one day?”. “That’s for sure what I’m leaning on at the moment in my personal life” he told his followers. So these are words that could lead us to believe that the parents of Maria-Valentina and Alma are ready to stop TV. What do you think the meltynauts?

Vincent Queijo and Rym ready to stop TV?

At the editorial office, we have some doubts about the possibility that Rym and Vincent Queijo will no longer participate in any reality TV show. The reason ? They are currently in the cast of the next season of Moms and Famous. However, it is actually possible that the two lovebirds do not participate in programs like The battle of couples Where The Apprentice Adventurers. But that, only time will tell!

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Greg and Maeva separated for Valentine’s Day, Mélanie Orl reacts and tackles them

For some time, it has been said that Greg and Maeva Ghennam were in a fake couple to make the buzz … So, info or intox? What is certain is that today, they are no longer together! It turns out that Greg would not have appreciated the evening that Maeva Ghennam spent with Akram for Valentine’s Day. It must be said that the latter covered the beautiful brunette with flowers, while offering her a luxury watch and bringing her to a large hotel. Greg then let it be known that it was better to be alone than in bad company! And Maeva Ghennam did not fail to react to the tackle Bebew and it’s violent…

And Maeva Ghennam you’re not the only one to have reacted to this breakup… Mélanie Orl did not hesitate to do so on her Instagram story where she writes: “Spending Valentine’s Day with your BFF is the basic wesh. Especially if he proves to you more than your boyfriend that he loves you. Lol bars.” The pretty blonde has long been in the middle of this couple and today, she takes great pleasure in commenting on what is going on between them. Moreover, Mélanie Orl recently let it be known that she was going to hesitate a little during the broadcast of the Marseillais in Mexico… We can’t wait!

Greg confirms his breakup with Maeva Ghennam

Mélanie Orl’s Instagram story has not yet reacted to Maeva Ghennam and Greg… On the other hand, Bebew made it known that this break was final. On the social network, he has just written: “Anyway babes, this Valentine’s Day made me realize a lot of things. There’s an expression that says ‘better late than never’. I’m not here to break sugar on this person, nor to victimize me. But, we’re more on the same wavelength. Even if for her, it’s already been done for a long time. With that, I’ll stop pissing you off with that. At least, it’s said “. A message that he punctuated with emojis that are sad … That says it all!

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An emblematic candidate of 10 perfect pregnant couples, she announces the good news

The fifth season of 10 perfect couples 5 in full swing on TFX and Romane and Anthony Matéo, who have been together since filming in Marrakech, had a little argument. But on February 14, 2022, it was a former emblematic candidate for the show who made the Web react. Remember Ingrid, who participated in the very first season. On her Instagram account, the young woman announced good news to her subscribers: she is pregnant with her first child! In the caption of two shots on which she poses with her pretty baby bump, she expressed her happiness.

“After long months of throwing up my guts, I can finally announce that your go is pregnant” she wrote with a smile before adding: “To the delight of his dad and myself, we will soon welcome a wonderful baby God willing. Thank you to my family for listening to me, accompanying and supporting me during these first months. I love you already. .. #MyBestGift.” In a few months, Ingrid will therefore become a mother and this new role should suit her perfectly.. A little surprise that made Internet users react, many of whom follow it daily.

Ingrid pregnant: Internet users react

In the comments of the publication, we can thus read: “Ohhhh congratulations my beautiful I’m happy for you”, “Ingrid you look beautiful in the picture. Pregnancy looks great on you and congratulations on the newcomer”, “Congratulations”, “But OMG!!!!!!! The most beautiful baby mama!!!!!! Congratulations and lots of love”, “Ooooh that’s beautiful. Congratulations to you”, “You look beautiful. Congratulations to you and the happy dad”, “Congratulations baby. Full of happiness, the most beautiful thing in the world”, “Congratulations. Lots of good things for your little family”, “Your pregnancy suits you very well”.

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Julien Bert ready to move to Dubai like the other reality TV candidates? He answers

Julien Bert has been at the heart of many discussions for some time. His relationship with Hilonawhich we had seen partly tearing in Objective Rest of the World, made a lot of noise. Since their recent rupturethe two reality TV candidates stayed in touch. The reason ? Their dogs! Indeed, Julien Bert had explained that they were intelligent adults and that because of their dogs and their friends in common, they were obliged to continue to see each other. However, he had made things clear: the two young people are not ready to get back together. They make their life each on their side from now on.

So, Julien Bert, despite the dogs, would therefore no longer have any reason to stay in France. This is the question that many Internet users are asking themselves. During a question/answer session with an Instagram story, a subscriber asked Julien: “Are you going to Dubai too??”. Corn Hilona’s ex was very clear: he does not intend to move to Dubai, even if the temptation is strong. Indeed, he explains: “Anyone of you earning a very good living would have the opportunity to be able to leave for work to live in Dubai and be tax free, I imagine 95% of you would have done it […] In my case, too bad I pay for the other lol. Not without laughing, I simply love France and for the moment I’m still good there”.

Julien Bert will go abroad for his family?

When explaining why Julian wants to stay in France, he also informed that he would only move abroad under certain conditions. Indeed, the young man envisages one day start a family. He explains that for “issues of safety / education / experience / living environment”it would possibly be ready to live abroad. But he did not mention Dubai in this second part of the message. Julien Bert is therefore apparently not ready to move into the city of United Arab Emirateslike many other reality TV candidates such as the JLC FamilyJessica and Thibault, Nabilla or even Kamila and Noré.

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Ilona Smet pregnant with her first child, she reveals a new photo of her baby bump

Rather discreet in the media, Ilona Smet announced wonderful news to her fans on social networks. The 26-year-old daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday is about to become a mom for the very first time. “Our heart is growing. So happy to share this new happiness with you” she notably declared with undisguised joy on her Instagram account on February 5, 2022. A beautiful announcement which did not fail to receive heaps of congratulatory messages from her fans but also her relatives.

In addition to soon becoming a mother and seeing her life change completely, Ilona Smet will become a married woman. Yes, in September 2021, the young woman revealed that she had said yes to Kamran Ahmed, his darling for several years. But while they had both planned to formalize their union during the summer of 2022, they finally decided to bring the wedding forward to March and for good reason, their parents would prefer that they be officially married before. to welcome their first child and thus follow the traditions.

Ilona Smet shares a photo of her baby bump for Valentine’s Day

Pregnancy, engagement, the young model has many concrete projects in her life and radiates happiness. You only have to see her last snapshot shared this Monday, February 14 in her Instagram stories and which we suggest you find a little higher in this article to understand that Ilona Smet is happier than never. She can be seen exchanging a kiss with her fiancé while dressed in a red lace dress showcasing her cute baby bump. An adorable photo that his fans will no doubt be delighted to discover.

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Feliccia touts controversial surgery clinic, Luna Skye tackles her hard

For 5 months, Luna went through hell after having injections in the buttocks! An intervention which aimed to give more volume to the buttocks of the pretty blonde… But things turned to disaster and Luna contracted a bacterium, staphylococcus. The young woman was therefore hospitalized in order to be treated as best as possible. And if today, she is better, she will still have consequences for life! So when Feliccia promotes this kind of intervention on the web, Internet users ignite. For them, it is irresponsible to do this type of publicity…

For his AJA show on Youtube, Sam Zirah then contacted Feliccia who apologized. She said: “I regret a lot because I know that there are already two people who are hospitalized because of this. (…) I really highlighted the buttocks, I regret a lot because I put my community in danger. I will never do something like this again, I am very sorry for the situation of Luna and another woman. It was a mistake, I’m sorry, I apologize and it won’t happen again.”

Luna tackles Feliccia?

But a few hours ago, Luna just ranted on her Instagram story. The former Marseillais candidate said: “I don’t understand why influencers who advertise Nip/Tuck 2.0 are not punishable by law. Now, we are all aware that this practice is illegal and dangerous. By advertising, you are responsible for these people who, today, are devastated! There are things that should not be promoted. We are talking about acts that affect people’s health (…) The money will not go with you to your grave”. For the moment, Feliccia has not reacted… All that remains is to know if she intends to do so, once again!

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Illan tackles Giuseppa after his video with Isabeau, she answers him and it’s violent

Giuseppa released this Monday, February 14 a video with isabeau on his Youtube channel Little Giu. The opportunity for the two former Illan to explain themselves following their various altercations. But the young women were quick to get tackled by their common ex, Illan, on social networks. Indeed, the one who is nicknamed “the charo” did not hesitate to qualify Giuseppa as a person thankless during a question and answer session with his followers on Instagram. While a follower asks him “You saw the video of Giuseppa and Isabeau. Your exes are all friends”Illan simply said: “Ingratitude when you hold us”. What exactly is he referring to?

Another subscriber has requested Illan : “Giu who says don’t swallow his vomit talking about you in his last video”. What the main concerned replied, by strongly tackling the darling of paga : “Giu broke through and I’m proud of her. I didn’t do all this for nothing. She’s not really bad, she’s very smart. She managed to make it publicly assumed that she is the inspiration of someone who hates her… I am proud of my creation”. Illan would therefore insinuate that Giuseppa is there today thanks to him and that she is absolutely not not grateful. Something which, of course, did not go unnoticed by the young woman, who insisted on make things clear.

Giuseppa responds to Illan

Following the Illan tackle concerning her, Giuseppa was quick to respond to him in an Instagram story, and it’s violent ! Indeed, she states in reference to Illan’s words: “Thank you to my parents for having created me, we apologize to yours for having given birth such a jerk”. This statement is accompanied by a definition of a narcissistic pervert. For Giuseppa, Illan would therefore be a manipulator affected by narcissistic perversion. One clash which surely has not finished making noise. Paga, Giuseppa’s darling will he also react to these altercations and these remarks? As a reminder, he had already tackled Illan on his old relationship with his sweetheart.

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Michou and Elsa Bois still as a couple? We have the answer

On January 3, 2022, Michou and Elsa Bois formalized their couple and it was time! Throughout the adventure Dance with the stars, the lovebirds have been talked about because of their rapprochement. The professional dancer, who was not single, preferred to have a friendly relationship with the YouTuber. But finally, over the weeks, the friendship turned into love, to the delight of the young man of 20 years. Thanks to his humor and his charm, he ended up landing a kiss once the TF1 program ended. On social networks, Internet users have followed this idyll with attention.

Quickly, Elsa Wood began to see his number of followers increase. Today, she has more than 1.2 million people on her Instagram account and regularly appears in the videos of her boyfriend, who introduced her to his friends. But now that the buzz has died down and the show is just a nice memory for them, what about their love story? Are they still a couple today? On February 14, 2022, they gave the answer. For Valentine’s Day, Michou posted new photos of him and his darling, more accomplices than ever.

Michou and Elsa Bois: their couple is still passionate

With this post, Michou pleased fans, who were more than 3000 to react in the comments: “They are incredibly adorable”, “When she looks at you like that you have won everything”, “But how beautiful you are! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both”, “You are too beautiful. Enjoy lovers! We love you!”, “So cute”, “Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds”, “You’re so cute. How long has it been now?”, “Very nice couple you are too cute”, “Beautiful, I wish you both a lot of happiness”. Lovers always fascinate as much!

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A former emblematic candidate of the Angels engaged, the unexpected announcement

An emblematic ex-candidate of the Angels announced great news to his followers on his Instagram account. Sarah Martinswho appeared in season 10 of Angels, is fiancee ! A news that she hastened to announce with pretty shots in this Valentine’s Day. As a reminder, we discovered the young woman for the first time on the show The Game of Love on NRJ12. Then, she then chained in the Princes of Love season 4, before appearing in Friends Trips and finally, in several seasons of Angels and Holidays of the Angels. If we haven’t seen him since the Holidays of the Angels season 3, Sarah Martins has however come a long way since she seems to be spinning the perfect love with her darling.

Indeed, in a series of photos on her Instagram account, we see her happier and more in love than ever. She says in the caption: “Friends, I officially announce my engagement. My darling and I decided to get back together and he made me his request a few days ago❤️ We decided to celebrate it and announce it to our loved ones as well as to you on this day of love ❤️ Thank you my Love, for all the love you give me, the support you give me and the serenity you give me. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️”. If we don’t know the identity of the groom in question, the young woman seems in any case very enamored.

Sarah Martins engaged, she receives an avalanche of messages

The announcement of Sarah Martins on his engagement has given rise to many positive messages from Internet users, but also from other reality TV contestants that she was able to meet. Especially Sarah Fraisou who declares: “Congratulations ♥️♥️♥️”or Manon Tanti and Laura Lempika, who sends all their congratulations also to the young woman. Without counting on its subscribers who also expressed their joy and enthusiasm: “Discreet relationship perfect relationship ❤️❤️”, “Congratulations you so deserve it! ❤️❤️”, “Congratulations and all the happiness possible”. Hoping that the two lovebirds continue to swim in happiness!

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A former couple emblematic of the princes and princesses of love separates, it is the shock

Sometimes, reality TV shows have nice surprises in store for us and we then witness the birth of new couples. This is particularly the case of Beverly and Noah who met in 2020 in The Princes and Princesses of Love and who live from a cloudless love story. This time, it’s sad news that we learn about another leading couple of the W9 program. It is in fact about Seby Daddy and Léa Mary who have officially separated as the young woman announced on Instagram: “I am announcing it to you in writing because I am not yet ready to talk about it in a story. I lived 3 magnificent years alongside Seb that I will never forget. I have made the decision to put an end to our relationship. No one cheated on anyone, it ended with respect and understanding” she said in the caption of a video retracing their moments spent together.

Léa Mary continues: “Even if it’s my choice, it’s very difficult and it hurts. I’m posting this video to let you know that we loved each other with all our hearts. You’ve always known me in a relationship with him so I imagine that some people will not understand why I decided to do so. We were no longer happy and fulfilled together despite all the love we had for each other” she writes visibly moved while specifying that she does not wish to disclose the reasons for their separation. “I wish him all the happiness in the world. Today is Valentine’s Day and our paths are parting…”.

Sebydaddy separated from Léa Mary, his reaction is unexpected

A sad announcement that no one expected and which has been widely commented on on social networks: “Courage to you my beautiful”, “I have tears in my eyes”, “Oh no, I loved this couple too much”, “You were a beautiful couple”, “Sad for you but a lot of courage”. For his part, Seby Daddy seems to act as if nothing had happened. Even worse, the young man did not hesitate to appear with a girl in his bed the same evening when Léa Mary announced their breakup. A real lack of respect for the latter who openly tackled him in return in his Instagram stories. A separation which has therefore not finished talking.

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