Focus on the beautiful Cassandra, candidate of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 & 6 and former Miss Aquitaine.

A few days ago, the editorial ‘of melty offered you to discover everything you need to know about Julie Bertin and in particular her age, her relationship with cosmetic surgery or her relationship with Benoît Paire. This time around, we have decided to look at another iconic candidate from The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 & 6 that you necessarily know since it is about Cassandra. Discreet and physical personality that many envy, the pretty blonde has stood out in the world of reality TV and his relationship with Théo, punctuated by ups and downs, has certainly not finished making people talk. Here is everything you need to know about Cassandra without further ado.

What about the Cassandra / Théo couple?

Impossible for fans of The Villa of Broken Hearts to forget the meeting between Cassandra and Theo in season 5 of the program and for good reason, the two candidates fell in love at first sight … via Facetime! Yes, while the young man had integrated the adventure along the way, the pretty blonde had already left. Finally, Cassandra made her comeback on the show and quickly got into a relationship with Theo. Unfortunately, their love affair was marred by various deceptions on the part of the candidate. Very in love with her man, the young woman forgave him and moved with him to Marseille. If the duo seems today to be united, it is not however immune to the conflict and for good reason, Cassandra burst into tears a few months ago because of her relationship with Theo. However, fans only want one thing: to see them love each other for many more years.

When did Cassandra participate in the Miss France contest?

If Cassandra gained popularity thanks to The Villa of Broken Hearts 5, however, she made her first televised appearance by participating in the 2017 Miss France contest. The pretty blonde had been crowned Miss Aquitaine before finishing 4th runner-up in the national competition. While the latter had proudly mentioned this period of her life during the roundtable of the program TFX, she however recently pushed a couple of mouths on social networks against the committee. The reason ? Cassandra did not appreciate being neglected because she had made reality TV after her Miss France adventure: “I was never called again, I was never invited again. Don’t talk about rules with me, because some things were not done properly…”. Ouch!

What was Cassandra’s career in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5?

Unknown to the general public, Cassandra entered the reality TV world in 2019 when she appeared in the fifth season of The Villa of Broken Hearts with for problem: “I forbid myself to have feelings”. During the round table, the young woman explains that it is linked to her family past and more precisely the death of her little brother a few years earlier. With Lucie’s help and a lot of courage, Cassandra opens up and opens up to others during the adventure and even meets love with Theo.

Did Cassandra have cosmetic surgery?

Like most reality TV candidates, Cassandra has been tempted by cosmetic surgery. The pretty blonde however learned not to abuse it and not to go overboard since she only had her breasts redone. An intervention that allowed him to gain confidence. Very recently, moreover, the young woman had to defend herself following the tackle of an Internet user on Instagram who had accused her of having injected her lips: “I don’t have any. It’s the filter + my Invisalign aligners that distort me in the morning lol. Friends calm down” Cassandra had then answered transparently.

What other candidates is Cassandra friends with?

Rym, Nathanya, Cassandra and Shanna
Rym, Nathanya, Cassandra and Shanna – Credit (s): Instagram shannakress83

Cassandra not only found love on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 but also created real bonds of friendship with several other candidates. Remember, the young woman was part of the group of Spice Girls in the house also composed of Rym, Shanna and Nathanya and the latter even shared their room. Despite the fact that they are now geographically far away, this does not prevent them from being always so close to each other.

Is Cassandra present on social networks?

Of course, like all reality TV candidates, Cassandra is present on social networks and has a real connection with her community. You can find it on Snapchat or even Instagram where it is followed by 435,000 people.

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