Carla Moreau and Maeva Ghennam have reconciled for good since the witchcraft affair and we have proof of it.

Carla Moreau, who is on the cover of a major magazine, has revealed what got her through after the witchcraft affair. Now that things have calmed down a bit about this, Ruby’s mom has been able to resume her life and especially to explain herself with her best friend Maeva Ghennam. When the scandal broke, the latter was very disappointed by her girlfriend and the two candidates of the Marseillais in Dubai had moved away. But since then, they have seen each other in France and everything has been arranged. Moreover, we have proof that the young women have indeed reconciled …

On her Instagram account, Carla Moreau posted a new photo of herself and said in the caption: “Life is short. Always choose happiness”. And in the comments, Maeva Ghennam wrote her this sentence: “Too beautiful and proud of you baby”, all with a white heart. A message that pleased Internet users, since nearly 7,500 of them liked this response, which clearly shows that their quarrel is now a thing of the past … Otherwise, in the rest of the news, Manon Marsault was a victim harassment since the Carla Moreau case and spoke in tears on Snapchat.

Credits: Instagram @carlamoreau_____ @ maevaa.ghennam
Other files: Maeva Ghennam, The Marseillais in Dubai


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