These celebrities have been in the spotlight in recent weeks when they landed on adult site OnlyFans. Scandals, accusations by sex workers … We explain everything to you!

OnlyFans is the adult site that we have been talking about a lot for a few months. Indeed, the platform exploded during confinement which allowed porn stars and creators of exclusive content to continue working from home and making a maximum of money. Faced with this craze, some stars have felt the right vein and have also created an account. We decided to come back to the biggest names and we imagine that this list will grow over time.

Cardi B
Cardi B – Credit (s): cardi b instagram


The rapper joined OnlyFans to promote “Wap” but contrary to what one might think, no question for her to show her buttocks, her genitals or her breasts. Cardi B just talk about music and answer questions from fans. In the meantime, it works since she would earn around $ 8 million per month thanks to the monthly subscription that it offers at 4.99 dollars.

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna – Credit (s): blac chyna instagram


The ex of Rob Kardashian has found his place on OF … The star has launched his page to which you can subscribe for 50 dollars per month. There are some very hot photos and videos and content for foot fetishists! In any case, it’s a hit, since she would win $ 17 million per month.

Tyler posey
Tyler Posey – Credit (s): tyler posey instagram


The actor and musician has also embarked on the biz in order to get even closer to his audience.… The star of Teen Wolf posts very suggestive photos of him, clips, performances but always with an object to hide his parts … You have to pay 14.99 dollars per month to subscribe to his page.

Bella thorne
Bella Thorne – Credit (s): bella thorne instagram


Her arrival on OnlyFans caused a lot of talk since she had promised a photo of herself naked for 200 dollars and finally she displayed in a bikini. She has been accused of scamming her subscribers forcing the platform to change its remuneration system. This did not please the workers at all. sex present on the site who lost a lot of money following this decision. Bella Thorne apologized after this bad buzz.

Jordyn woods
Jordyn Woods – Credit (s): Jordyn Woods Instagram


Kylie Jenner’s ex BFF has just created her page. For $ 20 a month, she promises to share iconic and exclusive photos of her with her fans. She will collaborate with Steven Gomillion, a celebrity photographer, for an even sharper rendering.

Tyga – Credit (s): tyga instagram


The rapper launched his page for $ 20 a month to promote his track “Money Mouf” but since then he posts pictures of him with naked women … We wonder suddenly, if he understood the principle of the platform.


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