In the heart of the news thanks to featurings which pleasantly surprised her fans, the rapper Cardi B revealed why going on tour was far from being profitable for her!

Invasion Of Privacy. While we told you recently that Booba has embarked on a new clash with his old foal Damso, on the other side of the Atlantic, Cardi B seems to be at the top of his game. Yes, after having unveiled a first studio album sacred to the Grammy Awards, the 26-year-old rapper did not hesitate for a moment to answer her detractors who keep asking her the famous question: “But why don’t you go on tour?” Sure Instagram, the interpreter of “Press” replied to them in due form. In a post published since, the rapper is loose: “I find it so funny that people who are NOT FANS wonder why I haven’t toured“before revealing a more than enticing pay slip.”Well, let’s go, let me do the math for you, let’s say if I go on tour and make $ 600,000 a night, that’s fine … it looks good, but let’s leave we try the touring business?“she continues.

How much does Cardi B really make?
How much does Cardi B really make?

The stage production must be massive since the fans pay a lot of money, so just on stage and the production, I will have to put around 450,000 * $ maybe more per night since you know that the Bardigang deserves everything“The table also shows us that this summer, Cardi B is expected to make no less than $ 10 million by performing in various clubs and halls in the United States and Europe. For each performance, she will receive between $ 300,000 and $ 750,000. A more than substantial gem which amply justifies the absence of a tour! Without album to promote, Cardi B is currently # 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Rodeo” by Lil Nas X, # 58 with “Press” and # 62 with “Clout” Offset. She should make a startling entry next week with “South of the Border “, the new hit by Ed Sheeran in collaboration with Camila Cabello. In the rest of the news, here is the new hit by Beyoncé concocted specially for the release of the Lion King.


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