Marvel Studios just announced the official title of Captain Marvel 2: The Blockbuster Will Be Called The Marvels, find out what that means.

Marvel Studios have shown generosity: they have unveiled the dates and official titles of several of their blockbusters. In particular, we learned that the second part of Captain Marvel, worn by Brie Larson, will be called The Marvels. So why a plural noun? Well the answer is quite obvious. The story will no longer be just about Carol Danvers but her association with two new heroines from Phase 4. Captain marvel 2 will follow the story of Monica Rambeau, presented in its adult version in WandaVision but also that of Kamala Khan, a new character who will be presented through the series broadcast on Disney +, Ms Marvel.

Captain marvel
Captain Marvel – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Kamala Khan, played by the young actress Iman Vellani, is an American high school student of Pakistani origin who positions herself as an absolute fan of Carol Danvers. The series expected on Disney + will allow us to discover it when it develops its own superpowers. As for Monica Rambeau, WandaVision has already teased a first plot about his reunion with Carol Danvers: it could be that the two heroines have things to settle, enough to make their meeting in adulthood even more intriguing. The logo of Captain Marvel: The Marvels already tease the emergence of the trio. We can notably find the colors associated with Carol Danvers, the symbol in the A related to Monica Rambeau and the S at the end for Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel. What to expect to discover 3 heroines for the price of one in Captain marvel 2, which is scheduled for release in November 2022. In the meantime, find out the shooting start date!

Credit: Screen Rant


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