Production of Captain Marvel 2 is about to begin. Back on what we know about the MCU film worn by Brie Larson.

While Thor 4, Love & Thunder and Doctor Strange 2 continue their respective filming in Australia and England, Marvel studios are also preparing to heat the cameras for Captain marvel 2. If a previous report had indicated its launch at the same time asAnt-Man 3, Weekly production has confirmed that the film directed by Nia DaCosta (Candyman, Little Woods) is scheduled to begin shooting with the cast from May 31, 2021. Other important information: a first team should take care, from next week, of several aerial sequences in New Jersey, the shooting also takes place between the New York suburbs, Los Angeles and the Pinewood studios in the United Kingdom.

Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau.
Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. – Credit (s): marvel studios

A sizeable organization to be expected, therefore, while the film should welcome a large cast. Indeed, after sharing the poster with Samuel L. Jackson As Nick Fury, Brie Larson will team up with Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau (WandaVision). A shock trio that should spark sparks although many plot details are still unknown. The threat that the three heroines will have to face remains a mystery, although several rumors have mentioned the Kree invasion as a central element of the film. There are reports that Carol Danvers will attempt to lead the battle both on our planet and then in space. What to offer epic scenes while Captain marvel 2 could also help bring the New Avengers into the MCU. It is true that with the presence of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau by her side, our heroine might want to start bringing together a new team of superheroes. That being said, hopefully the behind-the-scenes footage can give us some more crisp information as well as a first look at the characters. We cross fingers !

Credits:, Production Weekly.
Other files: Marvel Studios, Disney, Brie Larson


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