To believe these unexpected revelations, Anne Hathaway was sometimes very capricious on the set of her professional projects. Evidenced by her demands as a diva!

In Hollywood, Anne Hathaway, one of the celebrities who has been ripped off in the past, has a reputation for being somewhat difficult. The star is known for her perfectionism and one thing is for sure, she doesn’t mess with her food. In 2015, the actress had also made a big whim for her breakfast. While on the set of a Japanese commercial, the heroine of the film The devil wears Prada ordered a poached egg accompanied by an English muffin and avocado. Unfortunately, the pretty brunette was not satisfied with her meal and did not hesitate to send it back to the kitchen no less than four times in a row!

According to information reported by TMZ at the time, Anne Hathaway did not stop complaining. During the first return to the kitchen, the American actress said that her poached egg was too runny. During the second, his English muffin had become too cold. Subsequently, it is his second egg that has cooled too much. But if in the end everything was perfect, the actress simply changed her mind for a fried egg because the first order had taken too long for her taste.. Diva demands that had not failed to make people talk! Elsewhere in the news, discover the anecdote as funny as embarrassing of Anne Hathaway on Johnny Depp.

Credit: TMZ


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