Camille Lellouche has just shared a new single “Fumette” in which she settles accounts with her ex.

A few days ago, we invited you to discover the remix of “Baby” for which Kendji Girac and Soolking called on Naps and Soprano. And today, Camille Lellouche continues to teaser her first album currently still in preparation with an unpublished extract. The singer had already unveiled the song “I thank my ex” or the overwhelming title “Does not insist” who talks about violence against women. The new single is called “Comics” and is a settling of scores with an ex who would have played the young woman by making him believe that she was everything for him. We let you listen to the song just below.

“And if you’re not single, why don’t you tell me / I betrayed no one, only you did that / And if people don’t know you, I know you well / When you cry in my arms, you tell me ‘I love you’ for nothing / (…) I don’t want to break my head with your floppy disks “ balance Camille Lellouche with resentment. The title is based on a piano melody with very urban arrangements for a style between variety and R&B. We don’t know you, but we love it! Regarding the release of her album, Camille Lellouche has not put forward any date so far, so we will have to be patient. On the other hand, Coldplay them, have just announced the release of their opus Music of the Spheres and unveil the tracklist.

Credit: Belem Music / Turenne Music


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