Camille Froment is angry with Dadinho, the father of her daughter, and a big clash has broken out on social networks.

While Emilie Fiorelli, who is far from M’Baye Niang, has made a surprising decision, nothing goes between Camille Froment and Dadinho. The young woman criticizes her daughter’s father for not being there for his family. And on November 24, 2021, when she had to go to the emergency room for Zelyana, she got into a black anger and emptied her bag on social networks : “I’m very upset because normally the role of a father and a mother is to be together at times like this (…) But apparently, her father has other interests which are more interesting. than being present with his daughter and the mother of his daughter at times like this “.

Dadinho's Instagram story
Dadinho’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @dadinho_leybou
Dadinho no longer wants to hear from Camille Froment
Dadinho no longer wants to hear from Camille Froment – Credit (s): Instagram @dadinho_leybou

She went on to say: “Apparently it’s better to go do the zouave, but hey each has their own priorities. It does not date from yesterday as they say (…) The place of a father is not to be outside on the right to left to do stupid things, but rather be with his daughter. That he doesn’t want to be with me is one thing, but with his daughter it’s another “. Seeing this, the rapper wrote in his Instagram story: “Everyone has their own priorities. Well, we’re going to do things calmly. I’m not in the networks (…) The fans have nothing to know about my private life. Now you say I don’t know what about me, ok that? left”. Then he added: “Anyway, you dirty me in public as if I were a stranger. It’s okay. There are many happy people, it’s okay. Now we’re going to get into this game. Basta has nothing to do with her anymore”.

Camille Froment's Instagram story
Camille Froment’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @camillefroment_

Once calmed down after this big clash, the candidate of Moms and Famous expressed himself again: “I’m serious impulsive and I go up towers fast but I go down just as fast. You know me, talking like that is anything but me. Yeah there are things that I just can’t put up with anymore. It is. true, but now is not the time to talk about it. Here as I told you the most important thing is my daughter. Know that she is fine, she has a urinary tract infection which has risen quite high in her kidneys hence the fact that she is on antibiotics (…) Loving a person, believe me, is not as simple and beautiful as it sounds, there is a whole lot of work behind it. it was easy in any case, everyone would know it (…) Regarding the rest, I don’t want to express myself. But you have understood it, we are going through a difficult period. the outcome, I prefer to focus on my daughter “… That is what it says! Meanwhile, would Benjamin Machet be ready to become a dad for the third time? He made a big secret.


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