Call of Duty Vanguard unveils its Zombies mode and is rather generous! In addition to a trailer, a 15-minute gameplay video has been released allowing you to see more images.

Call of Duty Vanguard preparing for its release! And after the trailer for the main campaign, the next installment of the famous franchise unveils a highly anticipated mode: Zombie mode. An officialization while the video had been leaked by YouTube, appearing as an advertising sport. If the surprise of the announcement is defused by this blunder, the living dead are released in the trailer as well as a 15-minute long video showing the gameplay. We then discover that a German officer responds to the call of evil and therefore leads an army of zombies. As always, the mix of Nazis and corpses returned to life works wonderfully.

We therefore find an atmosphere much darker than the main campaign of the game. Here, we do not start on the realism of the Second World War but that of a phantasmagoric world in the 1940s. Call of Duty Vanguard has assumed this B-series orientation for several years: it is no coincidence that Zombie mode has been a hit for several years! Of course, players also have powers to fight against this army of living dead. For the most impatient, Call of Duty Vanguard arrives November 5 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S.


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