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It’s the big week for the players of call of duty. If his campaign is already playable in early accessit is this Friday, October 28, Modern Warfare II will officially be released with its multiplayer mode and cooperative Special Ops mode. On the other hand, no Zombie mode on the menu… at least for now.

Modern Warfare II: references to Zombie mode found in the files

Dataminer cod_sploitzimgz found references to Zombie Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II files, including terms like “Round Based Zombies” and “Outbreak.” And as you can see in the tweet below, the images showing the discovery of the dataminer have been removed at the request of Activision. Something to suggest that Treyarch is planning something about this very popular mode.

Earlier this year, journalist Tom Henderson had already mentioned the arrival of a Zombie mode in MW II. But since then, his sources have unfortunately been unable to provide more specific details. The other specialized Call of Duty insiders and leakers did not reveal any information on this subject either.

Prior to Season 5 of Call of Duty Vanguard, Treyarch said this: “As this chapter of Dark Aether history comes to an end in the final season of Vanguard, the Zombies team will return to the shadows to focus on what lies ahead. (Sorry, no spoilers.)”.

According to a rumor that surfaced this month, Activision is planning a big DLC for Modern Warfare II in 2023 instead of a new episode. Maybe this paid content would introduce a Zombie mode? Case to follow.

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