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If Apple fanatics today suffer from a starving gaming offer (compared to PCs), there was a time when Macs had their little nuggets. Marathon was the king. FPS saga in three volumes published from 1994 to 1996, developed by Bungie, it was a big competitor for DOOM, which imposed its law in the rooms of teenagers. We walked the corridors of the eponymous colony-ship, facing hordes of ugly aliens. A delirium always simple and effective. And it might well be that the creators of Halo are about to exhume this banger old.

Marathon: an old pot to make a good soup?

According to information fromInsider gaming, Marathon would soon return in the form of a extraction shooter in teams of three. Under this barbaric name, we find the fundamental principle ofEscape from Tarkov or the future DMZ mode of CoD: Modern Warfare II. We dive into a hostile area where we have to recover gear before packing up. If we die, we lose everything. A demanding concept that promises to be a new trend.

Marathon Armor in Destiny 2

A new game-service to compete with Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode?

Thereby, Marathon 4 would take place on an exo-terrestrial colony mysteriously depopulated. In this dystopian future where humanity is scarce, resources are also running out. To meet their needs, the surviving Terran factions would plunder the space ruins with “Runners”, advanced cyborgs capable of performing high-risk missions. A screenplay trick to justify our many deaths without penalizing us too much.

To prepare for the future, it is better to start on the right foot

It would be “the ultimate example of a living game”. As much to understand that it would be a question ofa service game in the vein of Destiny 2, where Bungie was able to get their hands dirty. A system of seasons would punctuate our progression. Be careful though: the software would be still in pre-alpha. There is some margin before it comes out in the state described by the leaks, even if they are true.

In 2019, Bungie CEO, Pete Parsonsclaimed that the studio would diversify by 2025. In parallel, a copyright for the project ” matter was filed in 2018, with no news since. Is there a connection with the new Marathon ? We don’t know yet, but the project seems coherent to expand their catalog. Bungie declined to comment on the matter. Patience, therefore.


The Marathon saga had made the heyday of Mac gamers in the 1990s

What is certain is that Destiny 2: Eclipse will be released on February 28, 2023. Penultimate extension of the looter shooter from Bungie, she’ll send you to Neptune to take on Calus’ Shadow Legion. A new doctrine will make it possible to handle the Dark Threadan ersatz grappling hook that will appeal to Spider-Man fans.

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