K-Pop group BTS is about to release their second English single, “Butter”, we’ve got the info!

If Ed Sheeran is back soon with a new title, he’s not the only one! Indeed, Big Hit Music, production house of K-Pop group, BTS, has just announced the release of their second single in English, titled “Butter”. The track will be available on May 21 and is being billed as “a fun and happy summer song”. But that’s not all ! To accompany this announcement, a 15-second teaser was unveiled. In this short video, which you can see just above, we can see a piece of butter in the shape of a heart and bearing the band’s logo slowly melting in a pan.

“Butter” is therefore the second single in English after the tube “Dynamite” released last August. The track quickly became a worldwide hit, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, never before seen by a Korean music group.. To promote his return, BTS will organize several events including the “BTS Meal”, a menu designed with the preferences of singers and which will be marketed in McDonald’s restaurants in 50 countries, but unfortunately France is not one of them. The tour of “Map of the Soul” is, for its part, still postponed. Nevertheless, it may well be that BTS are preparing a possible collaboration with Justin Bieber that will delight fans.

Crédits : Big Hit Music


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