Fired from a pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask, Bruce Willis wanted to react to the extent of the controversy.

Not so long ago, Evangeline Lilly was badly tackled for refusing confinement. Today, it is Bruce Willis who finds himself at the heart of the controversy for a similar story. As you can see HERE, the hero of Die Hard was recently fired from a pharmacy because he did not want to put on a mask to protect himself and others from the coronavirus. According to information reported by Page Six, the facts took place this Monday, January 11 in Los Angeles. According to a tabloid source, customers were annoyed at the behavior of the actor, who also refused to use the bandana he had around his neck to cover his mouth and nose.

Bruce willis
Bruce Willis – Credit (s): Getty

Very quickly, Bruce Willis quickly became the target of criticism on social networks. And for good reason, Internet users have not really appreciated his lack of consideration in the face of the current health crisis, even more knowing the number of victims in the United States. Faced with the bad buzz generated by his gesture, the actor spoke exclusively in the pages of the magazine PEOPLE : “It was an error in judgment. Stay safe everyone and let’s continue to wear our masks.” A mea-culpa that will certainly ease tensions. And for ever more celebrity news, know that the latest rumors suggest that Bruce Willis aka John McClane could be back in Die Hard 6.

Credit: People / Page Six


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