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Bruce Willis delighted to kiss his co-stars? His surprising secrets


According to his own secrets, Bruce Willis has no embarrassment in kissing his co-stars, on the contrary.

If some celebrities are embarrassed by the kissing scenes on the screen, others see no problem and it is not Bruce Willis who was seriously injured on the set of a movie who will tell you the opposite. If he is today married to the beautiful Emma Heming, the 65-year-old actor obviously has nothing against having to kiss his co-stars. In the movie Red 2 released in 2013, Bruce had the pleasure of sharing a kiss with two famous actresses: “I kiss two women in this movie, which I rarely get to do on some other shoots”, and not the least since it is about Mary-Louise Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Bruce Willis – Credit (s): Getty

Crazy about his acting profession, Bruce willis admits that being able to be close to other actresses is the best advantage: “I think I’m very lucky. I’m asked to do a lot of things that include guns, jokes, and every now and then, I have the chance to kiss women I’m not married to “ he had said in an interview highlighted by Metro.co.uk. Be aware, however, that the actor’s wife is not at all furious to see her husband messing around with his acting partners: “Nobody gets mad if you have to kiss someone once in a while. You say ‘look, it’s just in the script that says,’ now Bruce kisses Mary-Louise Parker … Now Bruce kisses Catherine Zeta-Jones ” “. We are reassured! And for more news concerning him, here is the actor that Bruce Willis refused to kiss on the screen.

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