Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 is long overdue and it already has some surprises in store for us.

Like Grey’s Anatomy, You, This Is Us, and others, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already incorporated the coronavirus into its Season 8 plots, but that’s not the only thing the new episodes will be talking about. In a recent interview, actor Andre Braugher who plays the inimitable Captain Holt talks about police violence in the United States and how the series should show the police. “It’s a very complex subject, but I think the police should be portrayed much more realistically. The misconception that the police can break the law just because they are a public utility is a myth. which must be destroyed “.

Ready to come back!
Ready to come back! – Credit (s): nbc

Police impunity is, according to Andre Braugher, too often encouraged in the series, and season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will therefore not go in this direction. “Series creator Dan Goor is the head of a clever series that doesn’t hide behind fairy tale stories. So the 99 is going to have to do based on what we know about NYPD. “. Between police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus, the writers already have something to do for the new episodes that we can’t wait to discover. And while waiting for the season 8 broadcast date, you can vote right here for the series and all your favorite series to make them win the 2020 Series World Cup on melty!


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