Producer Scott Stuber has delivered reassuring news about Bright’s sequel to Netflix.

Many Netflix subscribers are wondering if the sequel to Bright will happen someday. Despite mixed reviews, this original creation made by David Ayer As of its diffusion, knew how to captivate the faithful of the platform through its fantastic universe, this entitling it directly to a sequel. However, for more than three years, the project has stalled. Has the streaming giant decided to stop production? This question, its filmmaker has already answered it in 2020, by affirming that the continuation was still well and truly in the pipes. Something to give hope to fans of the film, especially since Scott Stuber would have recently confirmed the information.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Bright.
Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Bright. – Credit (s): Netflix

Asked by Variety on the expansion of the universe of Bright, the producer returned to the progress of the project by confiding that the final script was almost finished, before sharing his enthusiasm: “It’s instinct. The data is extremely overestimated. Ultimately, you must be asking yourself: Do I believe it? Am I passionate? Is this going to work? “ Given the welcome received by Bright at the time of its release on the platform, the production should not be worried about the will of the fans to discover a second part. This is also what Netflix was based on to formalize the launch of the sequel. However, it remains to be seen whether the two stars of the film, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, will be available at the time of filming, with the former expected in Fast & Loose while the second joined the Star Wars universe again in the spin-off series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Credits: Variety.
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