Prepare your ears and your stomach, we are talking about the new operation Bosh x Pizza Hut!

It’s time to take stock! In the top albums and singles of the week, Niska is omnipresent, ABBA is in the lead and Ed Sheeran falls … For his part, Bosh continues the exploitation of his new title “Gringa” ! And for Pizza Hut, it offers an exclusive performance. How to find out? Nothing could be simpler: Just taste the pizza he has just developed for the brand! Via a QR code on the box, the rapper will arrive in your living room to perform his latest hit produced by Blaise Keys and Mounir Maarouf. Best of all, you can even win concert tickets!

And what better than one (or more) episodes of the new season of Validé to enjoy the pizza after discovering this mini-concert? We don’t know you, but we know our program for the evening and it will be with Bosh! Available in limited edition at Pizza Hut from November 17 to December 17, 2021, don’t wait too long to try your luck … Otherwise, in the rest of the musical news, we recap these last days with Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne and Zaho who are back or again the feat between Rosalia and The Weeknd … Yes, things are happening right now!


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