Booba tackles DemDem in his new album, Gims’ wife mocked on the web Follow us

Booba tackles DemDem in his new album, Gims' wife mocked on the web Follow us

This is probably one of the most anticipated releases in recent months. After 22 years in the rap world, Booba released a new album this Friday, February 9, once again proving its longevity. Enough to delight his fans who rushed to Youtube and all the music platforms to listen to his latest sounds on repeat. And some of them particularly stand out on the web. We will cite in particular “Dolce Camara” in feat with the rapper SDM who is much talked about. The reason ? Her salty tackle to DemDem, Gims’ wife. A quibble that made more than one laugh on social networks.

Booba tackles DemDem in a new sound

Booba is known for his legendary tackles and clashes. Everyone remembers their squabble with La Fouine or even Damso. Without counting on his crusade against the “influvoleurs” and the middle popess, Magali Berdah. No wonder then that in his new album, he once again attacks celebrities. And this time, it’s DemDem, the wife of Gims who is taken aback by the rapper. “I end up on his back, precise like Rondo, rich like a bongo, bang-bang. We like them fresh, very michto, who know how to welcome like DemDem »he sings in the middle of his title “Dolce Camara”. A punchline that has not escaped the discerning eye of Internet users.

DemDem, the wife of Gims, mocked

In fact, the first opinions have appeared on the web. And the new sound “Dolce Camara” by Booba a hit! The reactions have also been very numerous and some Internet users cannot help but point the finger at the rapper’s tackle DemDem. Gims’ wife was quickly mocked on the web, after the enthusiasm aroused by this new music. We can read : “The ball is free, thank you Booba”, “It’s your DemDem evening”. Or : “Booba who drops a last anthology punchline to finish in style”, “What an bastard this Booba”, “DemDem who doesn’t know where to turn after Booba’s verse”, “He’s the sniper of French rap, we can’t say anything about that”. Obviously, the fans approve!

Booba attacks Kylian Mbappé and Daniel Riolo

And since a tackle never comes alone… Booba did not hesitate to also attack a football star and a journalist. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kylian Mbappé and Daniel Riolo ! Yes, in the sound “Abidal”the rapper says during the chorus: “I’m in the flagship, waiting for the signa-aaaa-al. They are overrated crazy, like Kylia-aaaa-an ». Not sure the PSG player appreciates it. But for his part, journalist Daniel Riolo is not left out either. Return to the side of “Dolce Camara”. This time, it’s SDM, the rapper in feat with Booba who attacks the companion of Géraldine Mailletcolumnist in TPMP. “We take it, we laugh in the faces of the feds. Riolo’s mother, Riolo’s father.” Nice atmosphere! One thing is certain, Internet users have not finished reacting to this new album, which is already a hit!

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