On Instagram, Booba said goodbye, determined to put an end to his great career.

Booba has finally released the ULTRA album and we invite you to discover our review. It was on March 5, 2021 that the 44-year-old rapper finally uploaded his tenth album, on which several feats appear like “Have a good day” with SDM but also “VVV” with Maes or even “Last time” with Bramsito. Announced as being the last, this one was therefore even more appreciated by the fans of the first hour. Because this time, the Duke of Boulogne seems determined to hang up to devote himself to other projects in the future. The latter also spoke on the Instagram account of @lapiraterieofficial to bid farewell in the caption of a montage bringing together the cover of his first opus Timeout and that ofULTRA.

“We had always said that despite the boycott of the institutions, we would get there by force of circumstances. That by only doing quality they would have no choice but to play us at one time or another. other. And that’s what we did. We worked hard relentlessly, we were hard on ourselves, on our music, on our work. Hard and disciplined like the eternal training of a professional boxer. We left nothing at random. And we defeated them. If there is one thing and one message that I would like us to take away, it is the following: “IT’S POSSIBLE !!!” We did it and we will do it again … And beware of people who love everyone, people without advice, without principles, without codes, without flags. Thank you all and thank you for everything !!! I am you. We are the best. Piracy is never over … #CROIVEZENVOUS “ wrote Booba who unveiled the music video for “Mona Lisa” which he shares with JSX. In the comments, many internet users paid tribute to his work and thanked him for all these years..

Credit: Instagram @lapiraterieofficial


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