Find out with which artists Booba collaborated on his next album “ULTRA”.

Recently we revealed all our info on SCH which will be in an exclusive concert very soon and we are now going to take an interest in another rapper that everyone is talking about at the moment: Booba. Just like SCH, the Duke will release a new project “ULTRA” next March and precisely! Since the announcement of this album, many are trying to find out who the rapper has collaborated with and we finally have the answer. But knowing B2O, there might be some surprises in the coming weeks. We let you discover the names that we know for the moment just below.

Sure “ULTRA” you can therefore find: SDM on the title “Have a good day”. There will also be Bramsito with whom Booba had already collaborated on “Sale mood”; Gato who has already posed with the Duke of Boulogne on “Small”. And we end with Gato and the young artist Elia who will also be present on the project! We also know that Maes should be part of it too but nothing has been confirmed for the moment so, to be continued … To wait until then we suggest you do it in music with our playlist of the week where you will find sounds of Hatik, Dua Lipa, Eddy de Pretto, PLK and Kore and many more artists.

Credits: instagram sdm_92, Twitter @booba


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