While his song Arc-en-ciel is currently a hit, b2o has just revealed that at the start, he had written this title so that it could be sung by … Alizée. More details now on melty.

On May 15, b2o returned to streaming platforms with a brand new title, “Rainbow”. A breaking piece, which contains no vulgar words, which is surprising when you know the work of the rapper today based in Miami. Despite this 180 ° turn, the fans seem very receptive: while he prances at the top of the songs most listened to in France, we could measure his success during his concert at We Love Green, where we saw Booba So, but also Aya Nakamura or Columbine. Invited on France Inter, the rapper explained that at the beginning, this piece was not intended for him.

“Basically it is not for me” he explained on the microphone of the Boomerang show. “It’s a title I wrote 10 years ago for Alizée, the little protege of Mylène Farmer. We were in a writing camp in Miami with artists and we listened to this piece, well rotten at the level of the instrumental, and I updated it “ he let go then. To see the result, it was rather a good idea to bring out this piece of closets on the part of Booba, who is also a hit with the title Medication with Niska, whose clip they recently unveiled.


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