Booba and Zed have just released the clip of Jauné.

You know, Friday is the day for musical outings! If you want to be sure that you have not missed anything, we will let you check our playlist of new releases of the week with Moha La Squale, Kaaris, Amel Bent & Imen Es, Kanye West and Travis Scott and many others songs yet but we are now going to be interested in a particular title that has hit since its release: Yellow. This is the first featuring of Booba and Zed and it is clearly a success. This is certainly why the two rappers decided to clip the song. We let you discover it right below if you missed it!

As a reminder, Yellow ranked first of the streaming platforms in the first week of its release. Which had definitely allowed Booba and Zed to beat Angela from Hatik, Letter to a woman from Ninho or even Blinding Lights from The Weeknd and Gooba of 6ix9ine in the ranking of top singles! So we do not worry too much about the views that the clip will accumulate in the coming days. And while waiting to discover the figures, we suggest you stay in the French rap theme by going to watch the clip of Heuss l’Enfoiré featuring with the Algérino on Moula Max which is finally available!


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