It is a big hit of the Nintendo Switch, not to say a staple of the game library of this console. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now benefits from a 30% reduction in its price!

While Microsoft and Sony are engaged in a constant war to impose their machines, respectively the XBox and the PlayStation, Nintendo is playing in a category of its own. Its Nintendo Switch offers unique experiences, a true philosophy for the Japanese manufacturer, and exclusive licenses that are only found on these consoles. This is particularly the case of Animal Crossing, with a New Horizons episode offered at a reduced price. But today, it’s another Nintendo Switch hit, even unmissable, which benefits from a nice 30% reduction. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is at a broken price, in physical version!

Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

€ 48.99
Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

As of this writing, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is offered at 48.99 euros, or its best price seen on September 12 at 6 p.m. Games on Switch do not know much about promotions, which is to say a good plan not to be missed. Not to mention that promotional codes are available at this address. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers a unique concept, which we no longer offer, and in this opus: all the characters from the previous opus are present, in addition to new, exclusive ones! In a totally different genre, Doom Eternal, excellent fast FPS, benefits from a drop on PlayStation 4.


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