This is the big exclusivity of the XBox One and it now benefits from a 43% reduction! Gears 5, the latest installment of the famous franchise, is on sale in its physical version.

Gears of War undoubtedly participated in the success of the XBox with a first opus on XBox 360 developed by … Epic Games. Because before Fortnite, the studio behind the Unreal Engine looked soft at Microsoft. Today, Sony, which designs the PlayStation 5, is a shareholder in Epic Games and Gears has been delegated to another studio, The Coalition, behind the last episode. An episode soberly titled Gears 5 which benefits from a nice reduction of 68% on XBox One, being an exclusive. A good size plan after the drastic drop for The Last of Us Part II, available on PlayStation 4.

XBox One

Gears 5

€ 21.93
Gears 5

Usually offered at 69.99 euros, Gears 5 benefits from a reduction of 68% bringing its price to 21.93 euros as of this writing, September 11 at 5 p.m. Not to mention that, just to melt down its price, promotional codes are available at this address. A TPS in which humanity is once again facing the Locusts in a constant war. Always so gory, with a so particular dark aesthetic, and big arms ready to break the monster in this new enjoyable opus. In a similar “nag” genre, Doom Eternal on PlayStation 4 is also down.


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