Hideo Kojima’s latest project, Death Stranding, undoubtedly rocked convention when it was released a few months ago. And now it is available at an unprecedented price at FNAC, so that everyone can enjoy it.

We no longer present Hideo Kojima. The manager of the legendary Metal Gear Solid series was able to launch his new game without Konami, Death Stranding, at the end of last year. Offering an innovative concept and equally innovative gameplay, the game struggled to meet its audience, but like any game of this genre, it has built up a solid reputation as a cult game over the months. It benefits in particular from a breathtaking narration, and an originality of gameplay simply never seen in the video game until now. If you want to know more, we invite you to take a look at our test of the PC version of the game here. A lot of players have missed out, and it’s time to catch up, because Death Stranding is now available in its physical version for less than 30 €.

Kojima Productions

Death Stranding at FNAC

€ 29.90
Death Stranding at FNAC

Logically, you have to count on around 70 € to get the game, this is the base price of all triple A available on PS4. But now, at FNAC, we find Death Stranding at a price of € 29.90, which corresponds to a reduction of 57% on its base price, and a savings of 40 €. Suffice to say that there will be no better time to finally test Death Stranding, one of the great games of recent years. Especially since you can lower this price by taking advantage of coupon codes or a cashback at Fnac at this address.


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