Kevin Feige reveals how Yelena Belova will carry on Black Widow’s legacy in her future MCU appearances.

Released on July 7th, Black widow got off to an explosive start at the box office, but admissions have been down sharply in recent days. If several reasons can explain these disappointing results, it does not change the plans of Kevin Feige for Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh). It has been clear from the start that this heroine was chosen as the worthy replacement for Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Marvel Studios boss vows she will continue to carry on her legacy. However, he specifies on Twitter that Yelena will play “his own character, with his own rules”.

Natasha and Yelena
Natasha and Yelena – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Indeed, Yelena and Natasha may have experienced the same tragedies, Black Widow’s little sister in the film still spent more time in the red room than the heroine of the Avengers. This period was very painful for her, which however allowed her to force herself a character of steel. It is in particular this rage to win that we should find withinHawkeye, while Yelena Belova will be responsible for avenging her sister for her sacrifice before the eyes of Clint Barton in Endgame. Florence Pugh is delighted to continue her collaboration with the studios Marvel, although she admits being surprised to resume her role so quickly in the MCU!

Credit: Marvel studios, Screen Rant


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