Black Widow’s action scenes are revealed in a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes video.

Real, emotional, intense, unheard of in the MCU, here’s how the team Black widow described the action scenes from the film. Comments that can be directly verified thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video of the future blockbuster, just shared by Marvel Studios. After attending the introduction of the Red Guardian in Black widow, these new images give us a very clear perception of what awaits us in terms of stunts, fights and other chases. Most of these scenes appear to have been shot in real conditions, and not in front of a green screen, which will no doubt make them all the more impressive on the big screen.

We can notably see Red Guardian, played by David Harbor, confront a whole group of vindictive men in the heart of a huge prison. We also get a glimpse of a sequence aboard a helicopter, as well as a chase shot in the heart of the city of Budapest. Besides a lot of action, director Cate Shortland also promises a lot of emotions and heralds a very visceral film. After having known the Black Widow, it will therefore be time to discover Natasha Romanoff and her more human side, to see her in the midst of this family that she must have left behind. Another previously unveiled excerpt had a completely different tone, since Yelena Belova criticized the famous pose of Black Widow.

Credit: Marvel Studios
Other files: Marvel Studios, Scarlett johansson


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