Will Doctor Doom be the antagonist of Black Panther 2? If we believe the official title unveiled, there is a good chance!

Yesterday, Marvel Studios unveiled the dates and official titles of the films that will make up Phase 4 of the MCU. If those of Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man 3 or even Thor 4 had already been announced, the teaser broadcast by Maison des Idées was an opportunity to discover the title of Black panther 2. Thus, the film directed by Ryan Coogler will be entitled Wakanda Forever and should put the country T’Challa and Shuri come from at the heart of the story. If this element had already been highlighted by Kevin feige in an interview, the design of the title could also have offered a big clue as to the plot of this next installment. Indeed, according to ComicBook.com, the blockbuster will be the opportunity to introduce in the MCU Victor Von Doom alias Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom in the Marvel comics.
Doctor Doom in the Marvel comics. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

According to the American media, the silver and shiny aspect of the title would be a first clue as to its future presence in the universe, the latter having been mentioned many times. It is true that since the officialization of Black panther 2, several rumors have suggested that Doctor Doom would be the ideal antagonist for the film. This element would allow Disney not only to use the rights formerly owned by Fox but who knows how to possibly relate to the film. Fantastic Four, announced at the end of Phase 4 of the MCU. However, other speculation is that the Sea Prince, Namor, faces the next Black Panther. It remains to be seen how the rewrites of the script of Black panther 2, since the disappearance of Chadwick Boseman, have changed the scenario. Now, something tells us, that our heroes will have to defend their country against a terrible threat and who is more formidable than Doctor Doom?

Credits: ComicBook.com.
Other files: Marvel Studios, Disney


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