What message is behind the title of the series Black Mirror, currently airing on Netflix?

If Charlie Brooker still hasn’t started work on season 6 of Black mirror, it is because the series offers a careful look at the technological drifts within our society. In the current health context, the creator believes that it is not wise to increase anxiety and stress among spectators. Yet the primary goal of Black mirror was to show what our world would look like once technology (created by humans) took over humans. In this regard, the title of the series was not chosen by chance: it perfectly reflects the hidden message of Black mirror.

Black mirror
Black Mirror – Credit (s): netflix

In French, Black mirror means “Black mirror”, which refers to the screens of TVs, smartphones or tablets that turn into black mirrors, in which we can observe our reflection once they are turned off. “Seeing yourself in this inanimate screen makes you feel bad and almost scared, so it was a perfectly fitting title for the series.”, Charlie Brooker explained to The Guardian A few years ago.

Black mirror
Black Mirror – Credit (s): Netflix

If this explanation could be enough to give us chills, that of Netflix is even colder in the back: “We see it more like this: what you feel when seeing yourself on your screen is similar to what you experience after an episode of the series: you feel caught off guard and uncomfortable, disturbed”. It’s a bit as if, all of a sudden, we came out of our bubble and understood what was going on around us. In a movie with a dark scene, everyone has seen their reflection in the screen and felt like they were being watched, and this message – the one according to which technology overtakes us and directs us without our knowledge – is the one that the series seeks to convey Black Mirror. We’re sorry in advance if you don’t see your screens the same way anymore, but maybe it’s for a good cause! On a lighter note, we let you vote for your favorite shows in the World Cup series.


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