Black M is finally back. The rapper just released the single Outfit, at the start of a new album to be released at the end of 2022. And the style is rather surprising. We tell you more.

He hadn’t released anything solo since the album. Once upon a time in 2018. But let the fans be reassured, Black M is finally back. In parallel with the reformation of Sexion d’Assaut, the group that made him famous, the rapper is working on a new album which will be released at the end of 2022. He even made some exclusive revelations during the finale of The Voice Belgium where he is a coach: “I can reveal something to you that I have never revealed. I can tell you the title of this album. Do you remember the live I did last time, The Black Legend? Well, the album is going to be called The Black Legend.”

It is therefore his fourth album that Black M is preparing. The interpreter of the tube On my road therefore seems eager to offer his new songs to his audience. And according to him, this record would even be his “better” until there. So to keep everyone waiting, the 37-year-old rapper has just released his first single this Friday, April 29. Outfit evolves in a funk register, which is rather unexpected from Black M. A solar song cut for the dancefloors. We can already imagine ourselves singing the chorus on vacation this summer: “Send the sauce, send us your outfit. From the front, from the side, show us your style. Don’t worry about it.”

A funky and positive Black M

You would have understood it, Outfit by Black M is also a song about fashion. No wonder then that the men’s clothing brand Célio is a partner. The song is also performed as a feat with LEDOC. So many surprises around this big comeback, which Black M wanted to be optimistic: “There have been a lot of negative things lately. I’ve always grabbed the negative to turn it into something positive. I think people need it. For me, as an artist, it’s not the time to arrive sad or melancholy, I wanted to make people dance.”, he said on BFMTV. A clip would be in preparation on Outfit. Would we therefore be facing the future hit of summer 2022? The answer in July!


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