Biohackers, is the new German anticipation Netflix series worth a look?

If you scan the Netflix top 10 every now and then, your eye may have been caught by the new German series. Biohackers. And for good reason, the first season of this scientific thriller imagined by Christian Ditter squatted since August 20 the top of the ranking. The pitch? Mia, a young medical student is doing everything possible to join the prestigious team of Dr. Lorenz, a true pioneer at the cutting edge of technology in terms of bio-piracy. Unfortunately, this professional opportunity will quickly backfire. when the latter makes an astonishing discovery about illegal genetic experiments.

Professor Lorenz in Biohackers on Neflix
Professor Lorenz in Biohackers on Neflix – Credit (s): Netflix

Halfway between the German series Dark and her Danish cousin The Rain, Biohackers rubs shoulders with the star genre of the moment, namely scientific anticipation. But does this new series come close to its predecessors, widely acclaimed by the public? To find out, we did not hesitate to watch the six episodes of the first season, just to form our own idea on the issue. A viewing that ended on a very good note. Indeed, it was a very good surprise, on many points Biohackers has nothing to envy to its competitors! The remarkably well-written screenplay stays consistent throughout while the intrigue manages to keep us going until the very last minutes of the final season.

Biohackers on Netflix
Biohackers on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

Casting side, the Swiss actress Luna Wedler excels in the role of young Mia facing her fate facing a Jessica Schwarz (Romy) perfect in the role of the cold and relentless professor. The female duo literally dynamite the screen as the twists follow one another. The suspense rises crescendo as the episodes go by, until reaching its climax in the last episode which ends on a huge and surprising cliffhanger. What to announce deep rejoicing to come for season 2 which has just been officially confirmed by Netflix. In short, Biohackers is a very good anticipation series, unpretentious and which will delight the hearts of fans of the genre! While waiting to learn more about the next season, come vote for your favorite series at the 2020 World Cup.


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