For several weeks, Bilal Hassani has separated from his darling. But is it because of his rapprochement with Jordan Mouillerac?

While the rumors of a couple between Michou and Elsa on Dancing with the stars 11 intensify with the new attempt to flirt with the young man, we are now interested in another emblematic candidate of this new season, who is of elsewhere in the final! Since the very first premium, Bilal Hassani shines on the floor thanks to his duo formed with Jordan Mouillerac. Behind the scenes, the young man, however, had to go through a complicated ordeal, since he separated from his darling, Cassem Jebrouni. Bilal Hassani has also made some confidences on this rupture in a recent interview.

For the magazine Stubborn, Bilal Hassani unveiled : “Unfortunately, we are no longer together. But everything is going very well, and I only wish him good things. Combining my career with the investment that a relationship requires is something I still have to learn to manage.. “ But some wonder if his rapprochement with Jordan Mouillerac on the floor of Dance with the stars 11 could have created jealousy in her relationship …

A few weeks earlier, Bilal Hassani had confided to TV-Leisure having briefed his darling, assuring him not to worry despite his on-screen complicity with the professional dancer … But when the journalists of Gala asked if his breakup could be linked to jealousy, Bilal Hassani however reacted and confided that he “won’t say more” on this subject… For his part, Jordan Mouillerac is in a relationship with a young woman named Jessica. About DALS, discover a video that shows the complicity of Tayc and Fauve.

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