Bigflo & Oli performed for two consecutive evenings at the Stadium in Toulouse and shared the video on their Instagam account, enough to give chills!

Bigflo & Oli are down this week at the top albums with the album The dream life. However, nothing to discourage the two brothers, who were back in Toulouse, their city of origin, last weekend. Long awaited on the Stadium stage, they set fire to May 24 and 25, 2019 in front of more than 60,000 people in total. An incredible audience for the two rappers, who wrote on Instagram: “This is the story of two brothers who dreamed of filling the stadium in their city … they did it twice … 60,000 people! The most important and intense weekend of our lives “. The video also gives chills …

To keep this wonderful memory intact, Bigflo & Oli, to whom the city of Toulouse paid a totally crazy homage, recorded a video in which we can see the delirious audience filmed from the point of view of the two singers. A phenomenal recognition that thrills the performers of “On the moon”, who still can’t get over their huge success. After these beautiful performances, Bigflo & Oli are expected next September 28 at the Arena in Geneva, October 19 at Palais 12 in Brussels and October 26 at Paris La Défense Arena, enough to conclude the year 2019 in style!


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