Bigflo & Oli will be on the stage of the Toulouse Stadium for two exceptional performances, enough to push the city to pay them a totally crazy homage.

Bigflo & Oli once again got into trouble with Mister V on Instagram after their father was parodied by the YouTuber. In the spotlight with their album The dream life released in 2018, the two brothers of French rap are hit with their hits “Later” and “On the moon”. It must be said that Bigflo & Oli have their hearts on their hands and are always very close to their fans, whom they pamper. Result, their concerts are sold out all over France. On May 24 and 25, 2019, they are expected at the Toulouse Stadium, where they come from, enough to give an idea to the city to pay them a vibrant tribute …

As the two artists reported on Instagram, more than 70,000 metro and bus tickets have been printed in their effigy in Toulouse. A great source of pride for them, who still cannot believe their success. Bigflo & Oli will perform in several festivals this summer before stopping at Paris La Défense Arena on October 26, which will keep them busy in the coming months. In the meantime, they continue to share their daily life on social networks, where they take the trouble to respond to their subscribers … In the rest of the music news, Niska and Booba unveiled the clip of “Medication” shot in Miami .


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