The next generation of French rap has a name, well rather two: Bigflo and Oli. With their latest album “La Vie de Rêve”, the young people of Toulouse set fire to Garorock 2019. We met them for an exclusive face-to-face interview!

We moved in rhythm on their raps and sweated in the heat of the heat wave, but if the heat was already overwhelming, Bigflo and Oli managed to set the Garorock audience on fire with their terrifyingly energetic live. Huge surprise for the uninitiated, undisguised pleasure for fans of the first hours, this hour passed at lightning speed so the tubes they linked seemed to become more and more catchy. Their latest album “The dream life” has been around the air since its release and has especially won two Victoire de la Musique awards last February. Between two performances of their summer tour, we kept an eye on their musical news and impossible for us to let them leave without meet them during this memorable passage for the 2019 edition of Garorock.

Bigflo & Oli at Garorock 2019, they talk about their tour, La Vie de Rêve and the rest of their career in an interview EXCLUDED

After a powerful end of 2018, your start to 2019 begins very well with two Victoires de la Musique in your pocket. How do you live all this madness on the Florian and Olivio side?

Bigflo: “I’m starting to tire myself personally. Physically we’ll say. Physically and mentally it takes a lot of energy. People ask a lot of us, we love it, but there is a lot to manage so a little fatigue we will say, it’s been 4 years that we haven’t stopped, so I feel that, which is not the case with Oli! “

Oli: “I feel it differently than my brother, even if I understand and respect that, because we work a lot, but I feel lucky every time we achieve victories, tours, rooms. I keep this astonishment , without hypocrisy, I never get tired of it. But it’s true that we follow a lot and that we have lives at 1000%. The Victoire de la Musique was experienced as a great evening, a great moment for us, because it represents the validation of an environment that has closed the doors for us a lot, we felt a little apart, we had the feeling of not being recognized by our peers, nor the people in the community.

There was a special reason you think?

Oli : “Yes there was a reason, the fact that we come from Toulouse, our somewhat atypical side, we arrive with our characters out of the ordinary and some do not understand and do not take us seriously. ”

Bigflo: “We felt a bit of snobbery at the beginning and today it’s much better, we are validated by the public and the professional world, especially that we have three Victoire de la Musique now, it’s a box that is checked that’s for sure … Until next year! (laughs) “

Your summer tour is still busy, with festivals to the shovel. It’s not the first time, but how do you experience them before, during and after your concerts?

Bigflo: “We are looking forward to these festivals, this is what I prefer in my profession. It is a period when, obviously, the weather is good, we can see lots of concerts, which we don’t have time to do in everyday life. Here we see lots of shows, we meet lots of artists, there are our friends who are on vacation and who come with us on the bus, frankly, it’s great! “

Oli: “There are really no constraints, no apprehension, no stress. The concerts are always going so well, the audience is super responsive, everyone is there to party, the weather is super beautiful, there is a col vacation we love! “

Do you manage to work during this kind of tour, thinking of new songs?

Oli: “Not really, not enough at least. We do a lot of junk, we take advantage, we go to see people etc. So we quickly zap the work side”

Bigflo: “We say that we are going to work, on the bus, on the journey … And we end up shirtless doing pogos and paquitos on the bus. We put” l’Aviron Bayonnais “and off we go We are no longer stopping! We are not at all artists who manage to work on tour, that’s clear, even if we would like to! “

Bigflo & Oli at Garorock 2019, they talk about their tour, La Vie de Rêve and the rest of their career in an interview EXCLUDED

Have you already done Garorock as festival goers?

Oli : “No Garo, never done, we hesitated, we talked about it 3 years ago with our friends, it’s a festival that looks super good atmosphere, we would really love it, but it was complicated with the popularity and with more and more people. But even there, we have friends and our cousins ​​who are at the campsite, there is a southern atmosphere that looks so nice! “

We ask you a lot, but what awaits your fans for the future, how long will the break that you announced last?

Bigflo:Ah, we want a scoop at melty! We are used to you, we always give you scoops

Oli:We have no idea how long this break will last, we need to meet and rest, for the first time we will let ourselves be carried away by what we are going to live and see where the research will lead us ‘we are going to do in music, in what we are going to write, without pressure, without deadline and that will be pleasant in the artistic process. And it will be a first to work without pressure, there we will finally be able to freeze the picture! “

Bigflo : “Freeze frame, this will be the name of the next album!”

Oli : “And we’re going to have time to wander around our lives a bit!”

Your first albums revolved a lot around your personal experiences, but also a bit of current events and feelings about society, do you already know where you want to go for the next one?

Bigflo: “In truth, we really don’t know where we’re going yet. We just have ideas without lying, we haven’t fixed anything yet. It’s still very vague in our heads, we haven’t even something to talk about next. “

Oli:I find that we are already talking about a lot of news, as with “Go home”, which talks about immigration. But we’ve already talked a lot about our past, we’ve talked about a lot of personal things, our fans know our lives by heart, I think we checked a box on that and maybe we did round. We unpacked our words and emptied our bag of our inner demons. So there on the continuation, we will go more on this path. “

La Vie de Rêve, do you have it now?

Oli:Yeah we have the life we ​​dreamed of anyway, we realize little by little, step by step, we reached an enormous level for our young career, it’s very fast for us at 23 and 26 years old, we already made big dreams come true. It’s huge and very fast! The life we ​​dreamed kids, we have it for sure!

Bigflo: We checked a lot of boxes, I think we are still young, but at the age I have, I consider that we have achieved the vast majority of the things I wanted to do and at the same time scary (laughs)! “


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