A new record for Beyoncé. While the queen of RnB has just started what could become the most profitable tour in history, the American media TMZ reports the extraordinary real estate transaction that the singer and her famous husband, rapper and producer Jay-Z have just concluded.

Beyoncé moves into ‘Billionaires Row’

Indeed, the couple spent the astronomical sum of 200 million dollars to acquire a very imposing villa located in Malibu, in an area called “The Billionaires Row” because of the concentration of billionaires who stay there. Facing the Pacific, this modern concrete residence with salient lines and a refined style of nearly 3000 m2 was designed by the Japanese architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize Tadao Ando for Bill Bell Jr., heir to the fortune of William and Lee Phillip Bell, designer of the hit series ‘The Young and the Restless’ and ‘Love, Glory and Beauty’, reports Architectural Digest.

This new house expands the couple’s real estate portfolio a little more, which includes houses in New York, in lower Manhattan, as well as a mansion located in Bel Air, an upscale district of Los Angeles, a few kilometers from their new Villa.


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