A few days ago, we told you about Lubiana’s Beloved album, a hymn to travel and introspection. To stay in the theme, we unveil today a nice collaboration! Initially sung by Jérémy Frérot in his first album Matriochka, it is with Ben Mazué that “Watch out for others” takes on its full extent. In this duet, the voices of the two singers mingle perfectly and even more in this live performance of incredible accuracy.. “I want our caresses to become entangled and be our meaning / That our intoxication is the fruit of rejoicing / That tenderness always be placed in front of this time that remains for us to love each other” Come on, we’ll let you discover it just below!

This is not the first time that Ben Mazué has shared musical capsules. The best known is the title with Apple on “I wait” which now has more than 17 million views. For those who would have missed out, the video is to be found HERE ! But to discover the extent of Ben Mazué’s talent it is still to see him on stage. It will be on September 24 and 25 in Lille, on 26 in Brussels, on October 1 in Marseille and at the Folies Bergères in Paris from November 22 to 24! Shall we meet there? In the rest of the musical news, we unveil again this week the ranking of the best sales albums and singles!


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