Vanessa Morgan could leave Riverdale for a very specific role in Batwoman and become the heroine of the Arrowverse series!

The Arrowverse is going through a difficult time. After the announcement of the departure of Ruby Rose in the key role of Batwoman, actor Hartley Sawyer was kicked out of The Flash after several racist and misogynistic tweets from a few years ago were revealed. If the producers decided not to re-cast Kate Kane, another character from the DC Comics universe will take on the costume of Batwoman. For the moment, no official name has been revealed concerning the actress who will be headlining of Batwoman but new rumors suggest that it could be Vanessa Morgan. Will the actress leave Riverdale to interpret the heroine of the Arrowverse?

Vanessa Morgan as Batwoman?

It looks like Vanessa Morgan from Riverdale replaces Ruby Rose in Batwoman. The Cinema Spot reports that the network is considering Vanessa Morgan to play the role of Ryan Wilder, the brand new character who is created to take over from Batwoman after Ruby Rose’s sudden departure. The site also reports that the actress will do a screen test for the role with the other cast members Batwoman. Vanessa Morgan recently expressed frustration with the black characters used as “acolytes” in Riverdale. She added that there is a significant pay gap between her and her casting comrades and that she will no longer assume the role of Toni unless they faithfully represent black people on screen. This new opportunity could be a great springboard for Vanessa Morgan and many fans dream of seeing her perform Batwoman ! Case to follow …



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