A new actress has been cast for season 2 of Batwoman for the role of an antagonist!

This year has been complicated for the Batwoman series, between the pandemic that ended the first season earlier than expected and the departure of the heroine Ruby Rose. But after long months of waiting and a change of lead actress with Javicia Leslie to reprise the role, the filming of season 2 of Batwoman has finally started! We can’t wait to know more about the plot of this new season and we can already tell you who will be the main antagonist. It is Safiyah Sohail, one of Batwoman’s love interests in the comics and who has a history with Alice in the series. And this is the actress Shivani Ghai (Dominion) who was chosen to embody him.

Safiyah Sohail and Batwoman
Safiyah Sohail and Batwoman – Credit (s): DC Comics

According to TVLine, Safiyah Sohail will be a recurring character in Season 2. She is officially described as a protective leader of a small community on Coryana Island and a woman with as many enemies as allies, which will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to it. “MNow that we’ve established her as someone who terrifies Alice, I’m excited to bring her in as the Big Bad, at least from Alice’s perspective, because she’s the only person who knows how to Alice’s mind is functioning and who is able to manipulate her “, said the showrunner Caroline Dries about it. Besides the latter, there are rumors about the presence of another villain from the DC Comics universe.


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