The very popular Battle Royale mode which made the success of Call of Duty Warzone will be absent from Battlefield 2042. We come back to this surprising decision by DICE and Electronics Arts.

There will be no Battle Royale in Battlefield 6. The FPS which will be released on October 22, 2021 will not offer this famous online game mode. However, EA Games’ decision is not necessarily rash. According to the publisher, Battlefield 2042 will bring “other gaming experiences that we can’t reveal right away, but are very excited to show off.“We must see here a reference to the different game modes of Battlefield 2042. We can therefore give the benefit of the doubt to DICE and Electronics Arts while see what the next Battlefield has in store and its latest news.

No Battle Royale, but different game modes planned for Battlefield 2042
No Battle Royale, but different game modes planned in Battlefield 2042 – Credit (s): DICE

Nevertheless, we can still find it strange thatElectronics Arts does not give any explanation as to theabsence of Battle Royale in its title. Yet with parts of 128 players in Battlefield 2042, one would have thought that this game mode was ideal. But it is possible that EA Games simply wanted to break the monotony of the players and stand out from Warzone, its main competitor. The new Battlefield 2042 Specialists will therefore start in parts quite different from what is currently being done (according to DICE and EA anyway). Anyway, hope the BF6 gameplay video will teach us more from June 13, 2021.


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