Barbara Opsomer is expecting a happy event and has made a big revelation about the father of her baby in her Instagram story.

Barbara Opsomer will soon become a mother and revealed the sex of her child a few weeks ago. The former reality TV candidate, who became known to the general public in Secret Story 11 and who participated in several seasons of Angels on NR12, is preparing to radically change her life. On her Instagram account, the latter organized on April 6, 2021 a question / answer session with her subscribers in order to chat a little with them and reveal some details about her pregnancy, such as for example the date of her term, which is scheduled for the May 5 next. But that’s not all, since she also made a big revelation concerning the father of her baby …

Barbara Opsomer confided in her Instagram story
Barbara Opsomer confided in her Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @barbaraopsomer

Barbara opsomer is separate! In any case, this is what she announced to justify the absence of the dad in her stories: “I’ve talked about it in some interviews. But it’s in the past. I’m not with him anymore so don’t bother talking about it, thank you.”. However, this does not prevent him from enjoying his happiness to the full. Worried and at the same time very impatient at the idea of ​​holding her little one in her arms, the young woman confided: “I’m afraid to suffocate him with too much love because I’ve missed it so much. But I’m working on it. I can’t wait to see it and feel it against me when I close my eyes and take it easy. think about it, I have a huge point in my stomach and I’m already crying “… Meanwhile, Laura Lempika and Marie have been at war since Secret Story and Nikola Lozina’s companion has finally thrown out the whole truth about the end of their friendship.

Credit: Instagram @barbaraopsomer
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