Balthazar: Hélène Bach’s replacement, the broadcast date… All the info on season four

In December of 2020, TF1 unveiled the episodes of season three of Balthazar and in red weddingthe end, there were many twists and turns. As a reminder, the medical examiner finds himself between life and death because of his girlfriend Maya. She stabbed him in the neck after Fatim and Eddy’s colleague discovered, against all odds, that she was responsible for the murder of his wife Lise. If Maya is very quickly arrested by the police, Balthazar bleeds out in the arms of Hélène Bach who begs him to stay alive, to hang on and not abandon her. At this moment, the captain finally confesses her feelings to him, telling him that she loves him.

This sequence rich in emotions could clearly have led us to believe that it was the end of the series but in reality, it is not! TF1 has just announced the return of the series with a fourth season. Raphaël Balthazar is therefore still alive but you will see dear meltynauts that for him, many things have changed. Hélène Bach is no longer there, Maya, whom he had just married, is in prison awaiting trial and Balthazar is trying to hold on in the face of all these events. At the police station, Camille Costes, a new captain arrives to replace Hélène and thus collaborate with the medical examiner.

An ex of Balthazar arrives

And surprised! Camille and Raphaël Balthazar already know each other. 7 years ago, they had a one-night stand… But then, how will their reunion go? What will their relationship be like? What investigations will they solve together? The medical examiner must also face Dr. Vesinet, a colleague who was imposed on him following several reports for non-compliance with the protocol. How will he handle this arrival? For the moment, we do not know more. To discover the first episodes of season four Balthazar, we will have to wait a few more weeks! The series returns to TF1 from Thursday March 10, 2022, at 9:10 p.m.

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