Aya Nakamura recently returned to the feminist message of her title “Biff” as part of International Women’s Day.

If the singer aroused the interest of Alvaro Soler during our exclusive interview with the Spanish artist, it is today on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day that she is talking about her . It’s certain Apple Music that Aya Nakamura explained the message behind her song “Biff”. It is a title of empowerment, of self-motivation, in which she affirms her determination to succeed as a woman. “I’m trying to motivate myself in this song. This is what I do in everyday life: I try to fend for myself, to move forward on my own and every morning as soon as I wake up I say to myself wow thank God I managed to do all of these things by listening to my instincts, trusting myself. I put myself in the shoes of a listener, and I hope to motivate her as much as possible. ”

Aya Nakamura
Aya Nakamura – Credit (s): instagram @ayanakamura_officiel

She adds that through this song, she wants to send a message to her fans: “You have to go for it, believe in yourself, follow your ideas to the end.” The song exudes self-empowerment with strong lyrics: “I do my money and I manage on my own (all alone) / What I have, I won it all alone (all alone)”. For Aya Nakamura, you don’t have to have a man to become a powerful woman. Words that resonate on the occasion of this day dedicated to women. But while everything seems to be going great for the singer, it is not for Wejdene who recently worried her fans by sharing photos of her in the hospital.

Credits: Credits – Apple Music


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